Bigg Boss 17 Isha malviya got bashed by Karan Johar

Isha Malviya has been poking her nose a lot in thw matters of others especially Abhishek and zmunnawar. Today Karan Johar in weekend ka Vaar bashed Isha Malviya badly about her interfering behaviour and gossiping about others matters without caring about her own personal life

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Bigg Boss 17 Shocking Eviction

This weekend ka vaar Karan Johar became the host as Salman Khan had to do some other important work.

Karan Johar took Isha’s class and also talked on Ankita -Vicky family matter how she was being taunted by her in laws

Eviction- Samarth Jurel is evicted this week from Bigg Boss house. Now please press the bell icon and subscribe for more latest information.

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Bigg Boss 17 Weekend ka Vaar 6th January 2024 Full Episode Salman bashed Isha-Samarth, Abhishek Aoora Evicted

Bigg boss 17 Weekend ka Vaar 6th January 2024 Full Episode

In Bigg Boss 17 Weekend ka Vaar 6th January 2024 Full Episode Salman Khan bashed Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel for overly poking Abhishek Kumar. Abhishek Kumar Re Enters Bigg Boss house after being evicted from the house. Aoora Evicted on the basis of votes

Timeline of todays Bigg Boss 17 Episode

1. Abhishek evicted by Ankita Lokhande.

2. Salman khan bashed Isha and Samarth

3. Abhishek brought back re enters inside Bigg Boss 17 house.

4. Aoora Evicted.

Abhishek Evicted by Ankita Lokhande Bigg Boss 17

Boss 17 Ankita Evicted Abhishek Kumar

Bigg Boss asked Ankita Lokhande to decide what should be Abhishek Kumars fate in the house. She said Bigg Boss Abhishek Kumar should leave the show.

Abhishek Kumar Evicted Bigg Boss 17

Abhishek kept asking Ankita Lokhande to not evict him. She could have asked for strict punishment but she choose to evict him.

Abhishek Kumar Evicted Bigg Boss 17 picture 2

Abhishek requested Bigg Boss that he dont wants to be evicted out of the show. But Bigg Boss asked him to leave from the exit gate.

Salman Khan bashed Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel – Bigg Boss 17 Weekend ka Vaar 6th January 2024 Full Episode

Salman khan bashes Samarth Jurel Isha Malviya Bigg Boss 17 weekend ka vaar 6 january 2024

In todays Bigg Boss Episode Salman got very angry on Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel and also questioned other housemates for enjoying the instigation instead of stopping it.

Salman scolds Samarth Jurel Isha Malviya for poking Abhishek Kumar in Bigg Boss 17

He said, Obviously Abhishek was also wrong but the person who forced Instigated Abhishek to reach that level and take that step of slapping is also equally wrong.

Salman pointed out Putting blanket on Abhishek, putting tissue paper inside his mouth, calling him his fathers mental kid all this was too much. And, Irony is that you all guys were watching and no one tried to stop Samarth.

Salmam Khan Exposed Samarth and Isha

He asked Isha, What you would have done if you were in place of Abhishek and Samarth had poked you like he did to Abhishek . Isha replied , I would have also slapped Samarth.

Salman told Samarth that this was the end result you wanted that Abhishem slaps you. Am, I right. Samarth confessed and said I knew his trigger points and I kept poking him by saying instigating things.

Salmam said, It was all planned by you to enter into finale and achieved it successfully..

Abhishek Kumar’s Re-entry

Salman Khan proved this that all of this was pre planned and then asked contestants who want Abhishek Kumar back in the house.

And just like last season Archana was brought back in. Abhishek Kumar was alao brought back in Bigg Boss 17 house.

Who Evicted

So, This week Aoora has been evicted from the show due to getting less votes. And no other eviction has happened.

Bigg Boss 17 25 december 2023 Episode Munawar vs Mannara fight

Munawar vs Manara fight happened when Mannara was taunting and bitching about Munawar loudly to Vicky Jain.

Mannara said I have lost the girl Mannara who had entered inside this house. I have become a beggar of a kind in this house.

Munawar heard this and said this not classy talk.

Mannara said no, this is trashy and gave a chilling laugh ha ha ha.

Ayesha said, in the game you are moving forward by the help of two contestants.

Mannara taunted back to Ayesha, You should have come next year just like Munnawar’s other outside friend( girlfriend Nazilla) will come.

Munnawar got angry and angrily asked which outside friend are you talking about. In anger Munawar broke a glass placed there.

He warned Mannara to not bring Nazilla in this matter. Mannara said of course I will and which is truth according to me
Bigg Boss 17 Shukravaar ka Vaar Salman Khan slams Munawar for sad story for sympathy

Salman Khan slams Munawar Faruqui for repeating his sob story for SYMPATHY on the show.

Munawar is often seen discussing his past in the show for sympathy. He talks about his mother’s death, his failed first marriage, his son, the struggle he had, and many others.

Salman advised him to focus on his game, rather than crying for sympathy. Bigg Boss is not about sharing the sob story. This isn’t the places for sympathy dramas.

Salman says, “Accha naam kamane ke baad pata nahi apne past ke dard naak kisse dohraane main unko kya khushi milti hai. Munawar, yeh voh wale music ya dance reality show nahi hain jahan performance ke pehle contestant ka dukh bhara part dikhaya jaata hai. Sach baat toh yeh hai ki kal Munawar agar iss ghar se nikal bhi jaate hain, toh iss ghar ki story par koi farak nahi padega,”

Bigg Boss 17 Anurag vs Khaanzadi fight Khaanzadi crying

Aishwarya, Abhishek, Khaanzadi were talking with each other about Sana. Thry were saying how even Sana can eat her food after getting our ration halved. She did not even say sorry.

Abhishek said even if Sana had confeesed that she is feeling bad for us after she gave up our ration. We would have let go of this. Khaanzadi said even when I am not doing my duty i was eating my food but I did not feel well about this.

Aisjwarya said you did not come for duty. And arguement started there between them.

Later, Anurag was consoling khaanzadi and said when they were talking about Sana you should not have involved yourself like this had happened with me because it will backfire.

Khaanzadi did not understand and Anurag started fighting. Seeing this Aishwarya Isha started making her fun

Bigg Boss 17 Anurag Mannara friendship broken

Vicky and Anurag were talking to each other. Mannara seemd angry with Anurag, So vicky asked Anurag what happened to your friendship with Mannara.

Anurag said she is angry with me because she had asked me to nominate you but i did not nominate you thats why she is angry.

Vucky said dear Anurag where are you strolling and with whom this is messy.

Vicky meant Anurag is having a bad friend.

Bigg Boss 17 Munnawar consoles Mannara and Abhishek

Munawar Faruqui and Mannara were talking together. Mannara was complaining to Munawar about his three friends Abhishek, Chintu and Isha.

Munawar said you will loose me if you say bad things for me. I want you to understand me.

She said Samarth, Isha and Abhishek come between us. Munawar said Abhishek never comes in between when we talk but Isha and Samarth are your common friends too. They come to talk with you too.

Table of Contents

Abhishek Crying

Later, Abhishek was crying after Isha bashed him when he was talking to Munawar about Isha supporting Sana when she gave up by accepting half of the house ration for no duty offered to sana by bigg boss. Mannara was supporting Sana, but Isha started also supporting her. Abhishek questioned her why she took jer side which seems wrong. Later, Abhishek asked Munawar if he told Isha to do or say that. Bigg Boss asked Abhishek what is he saying . Isha got angry on this and bashed Abhishek for this.

Bigg Boss 17 30th November 2023 Full Episode Sunny Arya Tehelka Evicted for physical violence with Abhishek

Bigg Boss 17 30th November 2023 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 17 30th November 2023 Full Episode Sunny Arya Tehelka Evicted for physical violence with Abhishek
Bigg Boss 17 30th November 2023 Full Episode Sunny Arya Tehelka Evicted for physical violence with Abhishek

In Bigg Boss 17 30th November 2023 Full Episode Tehelka and Arun grabbed Abhishek’s collar in fight which started with Arun and Isha. Another fight happened between Abhishek and Mannara which triggered argument between Abhishek and Munawar. Also, Munnawar and Ankita’s friendship almost got broken in today’s episode. Tehelka aka Sunny Arya Evicted.

Arun vs Isha fight which triggered Tehelka- Arun vs Abhishek fight

Isha was sleeping since last three days and kukdoo kuu buzzed too, but she was not the only one sleeping. Arun noticed this and started targeting Isha with this point. Arun has been sleeping since last five weeks but these few days he is lilttle active especially since Vicky came inside their house.

So, Arun started targeting Isha and started mocking her confronting her for this and also shouted on her a little.

Arun – Tehelka vs Abhishek Fight – Tehelka Evicted for Violence

Abhishek could not watch Arun targeting Isha and came to defend her and he just asked Arun to talk politely about whatever he wants to say. Arun and Abhishek argued with each other. Later, ABhishek went into the garden area and Tehelka was ready to fight with abhishek and he challenged Abhishek to never again interfere in Arun brother’s matter. Abhishel said I will speak. Tehelka came and grabbed Abhishek’s T-shirt twice. Later, Arun also threatened to hit Abhishek and tried to grab Abhishek’s collar.

Bigg Boss Evicted Sunny Arya Tehelka on grounds of Physical Violence

Bigg Boss Evicted Sunny Arya aka Tehelka as he grabbed and snatched Abhishek’s t shirt twice and also he has been physically violent with other players also. He had pushed Anurag, pillow fight with Samarth.So, Bigg Boss evicted him on these grounds.

Munawar vs Ankita

Ankita has been watching Munnawar being political in his gameplay in his house. He wants to be friends with everyone and especially Mannara who is ruining Munawar’s friendship and games.

Ankita is angry with munawar because he is siding with Mannara even after knowing she is wrong. So, Ankita was sitting and Munwar tried to talk with Ankita but she ignored him and said you will have to set your priorities right.

Abhishek va Mannar fight

Anurag called Mannara and Mannara ignored Anurag and went away with Munawar also Abhishek was there too. He noticed that and asked Anurag did she ignored you. Bigg Boss also noticed it and asked Abhishek to say loudly what he was saying. Abhishek said it and Mnnara got offended and she again used cuss words for Abhishek.

So, an argument happened between them and also Abhishek vs Munawar ar where Abhishek asked Munawar to console her friend because he was taking sides with mannara when she previously used cuss words for Mannara.

Neil Bhatt Nominated for Entire season replacing Anurag’s Punishment Bigg Boss 17
Neil Bhatt Nominated for Entire season replacing Anurag's Punishment Bigg Boss 17

Anurag Dobhal’s nomination for the entire season has been removed and Neil Bhatt has been nominated in his place for the entire season.

Bigg Boss asks Dimaag Room whether to lift the punishment of Anurag Dobhal for being nominated for the entire season or not. In the majority, Dimaag room says, Yes! However In return, Bigg Boss asks to give them one name who should be nominated for the entire season instead of Anurag. Dimag Room selects Neil Bhatt, and now Neil has been nominated for the entire season