Bigg Boss 17 30th November 2023 Full Episode Sunny Arya Tehelka Evicted for physical violence with Abhishek

Bigg Boss 17 30th November 2023 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 17 30th November 2023 Full Episode Sunny Arya Tehelka Evicted for physical violence with Abhishek
Bigg Boss 17 30th November 2023 Full Episode Sunny Arya Tehelka Evicted for physical violence with Abhishek

In Bigg Boss 17 30th November 2023 Full Episode Tehelka and Arun grabbed Abhishek’s collar in fight which started with Arun and Isha. Another fight happened between Abhishek and Mannara which triggered argument between Abhishek and Munawar. Also, Munnawar and Ankita’s friendship almost got broken in today’s episode. Tehelka aka Sunny Arya Evicted.

Arun vs Isha fight which triggered Tehelka- Arun vs Abhishek fight

Isha was sleeping since last three days and kukdoo kuu buzzed too, but she was not the only one sleeping. Arun noticed this and started targeting Isha with this point. Arun has been sleeping since last five weeks but these few days he is lilttle active especially since Vicky came inside their house.

So, Arun started targeting Isha and started mocking her confronting her for this and also shouted on her a little.

Arun – Tehelka vs Abhishek Fight – Tehelka Evicted for Violence

Abhishek could not watch Arun targeting Isha and came to defend her and he just asked Arun to talk politely about whatever he wants to say. Arun and Abhishek argued with each other. Later, ABhishek went into the garden area and Tehelka was ready to fight with abhishek and he challenged Abhishek to never again interfere in Arun brother’s matter. Abhishel said I will speak. Tehelka came and grabbed Abhishek’s T-shirt twice. Later, Arun also threatened to hit Abhishek and tried to grab Abhishek’s collar.

Bigg Boss Evicted Sunny Arya Tehelka on grounds of Physical Violence

Bigg Boss Evicted Sunny Arya aka Tehelka as he grabbed and snatched Abhishek’s t shirt twice and also he has been physically violent with other players also. He had pushed Anurag, pillow fight with Samarth.So, Bigg Boss evicted him on these grounds.

Munawar vs Ankita

Ankita has been watching Munnawar being political in his gameplay in his house. He wants to be friends with everyone and especially Mannara who is ruining Munawar’s friendship and games.

Ankita is angry with munawar because he is siding with Mannara even after knowing she is wrong. So, Ankita was sitting and Munwar tried to talk with Ankita but she ignored him and said you will have to set your priorities right.

Abhishek va Mannar fight

Anurag called Mannara and Mannara ignored Anurag and went away with Munawar also Abhishek was there too. He noticed that and asked Anurag did she ignored you. Bigg Boss also noticed it and asked Abhishek to say loudly what he was saying. Abhishek said it and Mnnara got offended and she again used cuss words for Abhishek.

So, an argument happened between them and also Abhishek vs Munawar ar where Abhishek asked Munawar to console her friend because he was taking sides with mannara when she previously used cuss words for Mannara.

Neil Bhatt Nominated for Entire season replacing Anurag’s Punishment Bigg Boss 17
Neil Bhatt Nominated for Entire season replacing Anurag's Punishment Bigg Boss 17

Anurag Dobhal’s nomination for the entire season has been removed and Neil Bhatt has been nominated in his place for the entire season.

Bigg Boss asks Dimaag Room whether to lift the punishment of Anurag Dobhal for being nominated for the entire season or not. In the majority, Dimaag room says, Yes! However In return, Bigg Boss asks to give them one name who should be nominated for the entire season instead of Anurag. Dimag Room selects Neil Bhatt, and now Neil has been nominated for the entire season

Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s mother in Bigg Boss 17 Weekend ka Vaar

In Bigg Boss 17 Weekend ka Vaar Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s mothers will come on the Weekend ma Vaar show.

They will appear on the stage and not go inside the Bigg Boss house.

Ankita and Vicky seem to have a strong influence on makers as their parents are getting chance to talk to their kids and give directions regarding the game.

Orry in Bigg Boss 17 as Guest Contestant in the house – ORHAN AWATRAMANI aka Orry
Orry entering inside bigg boss 17 house  as a guest contestant

Recently famous Celebrity Orhan Awatramani aka Orry is gonna enter inside Bigg Boss 17 house this week after a probable double eviction in the Bigg Boss 17 house this weekend.

Orry became famous after he was seen with famous female celebrities like sara, Ananya pandey, Ambanis house etc.

He is a son of famous businessman who’s works under Ambanis.

He will live inside the house just for 1-2 weeks and after that he will leave. He is coming as a guest contestant inside the Bigg Boss house just as a replacement for Navid you can say he is a lot like him.

Bigg Boss 17 Ankita Lokhande is expecting pregnancy in the house
Bigg Boss 17 Ankita Lokhande is expecting pregnancy in the house

Ankita Lokhande who have entered inside the Bigg Boss 17 house 4 weeks ago is now expecting pregnancy inside the house. This is the first time a married contestant is expecting pregnancy.

Ankita Lokhande in a chat with housemates said I am feeling like to eat some sour khatti things, which she indicated towards pregnancy. Rinku said I am feeling very happy for you.

Later, Talking with Vicky she said My periods have not come and I might be pregnant, something is happening with me. Yesterday, I got my pregmancy test done, today my urine test was also done. Reports have not come yet.

After the reports will come it will be confirmed whether Ankita Lokhande is pregnant for sure or not. If she is, She will have to leave the Bigg Boss 17 house or may be it will he decision to carry on or not.

Usually, Makers make sure for Contestants to get their medical done before entering inside the house and there are no serious issues like this happened.
Bigg Boss 17 13th November 2023 Full Episode – Rooms Changed, Ankita – Vicky & Anurag – Arun big Fight
Bigg Boss 17 13th November 2023 Full Episode - Rooms Changed, Ankita - Vicky & Anurag - Arun big Fight

In today’s Bigg Boss 17 13th November 2023 Full Episode Contestants Rooms were Changed, Ankita vs Vicky and Anurag against Arun big Fight happened between them. Anurag got nominated for pushing arun and indulging in physical fight.

Ankita vs Vicky fight

Bigg Boss changed the rooms according to the contestants’ performance till now in the game. Vicky got Dimag room and Ankita remained in heart room. Vicky was very happy and Ankita got separated from him. Thats why she was angry with him.

Later, Vicky was also angry with Ankita due to lobbying behind Ankita and he was on salman khan’s target this weekend.

Anurag got punishment for physically pushing Arun

Anurag Dobhal vs Arun Mashetty fight also happened in which Anurag Dobhal lost his control and pushed Arun Mashetty several times.

Bigg Boss banned Kitchen and Nominated Anurag

Argument started between Anurag and Arun. Arun instigated Anurag and he pushed Arun Mashetty.

Later, Anurag broke Kitchen’s utensils and Bigg Boss got angry on this and punished all housemates by banning kitchen.

Also, Anurag was nominated for this week’s nomination right then.

Ankita vs Vicky fight after Bigg Boss changed Rooms

Bigg Boss announced your quarterly results are out now and according to the contestants’ performance, Bigg Boss has shuffled the room of contestants.

Dil Room – Isha, Samarth, Jigna, Rinku, Ankita, Munawar.

Dimag room – Anurag, Arun, Vicky, Khaanzadi, Tehelka, Sana Raees Khan

Dum Room – Mannara, Abhishek, Aishwarya, Neil and Naved.

Bigg Boss sparked Ankita against Vicky

Ankita was sad because Vicky had moved to new house Dimag and Ankita was left behind alone in Dil room. Bigg Boss announced and said Ankita,”You are worrying here but just look at Vicky he is very happy in his new room.”

Ankita got angry on Vicky because he does not care about Ankita and tried not to talk with Vicky. She said now we will play lonely you just play and go away.

Bigg Boss 17 Weekend ka Vaar 12th November 2023 Episode – Salman Khan scolds Khaanzadi
Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar 12 November 2023 Full Episode

In today’s Episode of Bigg Boss 17 Weekend ka Vaar 12th Novemeber 2023 Full Episode, Salman Khan scolded khaanzadi for spoiling the festival mood of everyone in fight with Mannara especiall when Katrina was present in the house.Khaanadi was arguing with Mannara as she called khaanzadi’s friendship with Abhishek scripted from Khaanzadi’s side

Salman Khan exposed Khaanzadi’s game of fake love angle with Abhishek

Salman Khan said Khaanzadi in task you confessed Your heart beats for Abhishek. Later, You said You hmstatement for Abhishek was a lie just to win the Task and that even too for just a gift hamper.

Then, If you say thes things then housemates are not wrong if thwmey say you are doing all of this love angle narrative just for the game. They are not wrong if they say this love narrative of yours is fake.

And If Your feelings were genuine then You should have taken a stand that your feelings are not fake when Mannara was saying your feelings and love for Abhishek is scripted and fake. Then you should have taken your stand.

Salman said Now, You are taking a stand too late is wrong. God has gifted you with a mind so just use it and think about it.

Khanzadi exposed and scolded by Salman Khan

Khaanzadi said she(Mannara) was talking about me behind my back. Salman said Khaanzadi what do you want Katrina is here, today is Diwali and you ruining Everyone’s mood. Don’t you have any empathy for the festival.

salman Khan Exposes Khaanzadi

Elvish Yadav Arrested in Kota Rajasthan, Released after Noida Police said He is Not Wanted
Elvish Yadav Arrested in Kota Rajasthan, Released after Noida Police said He is Not Wanted

The winner of the famous show Big Boss OTT 2, Elvish Yadav, got taken by the police in Kota, Rajasthan. After that, the Rajasthan police informed the Noida police too. The Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Umesh Mishra stated that after questioning, the Kota Rural Police released Alvi. The police let him go, saying he wasn’t wanted in the cases against him. Actually, Alvi Yadav is accused of supplying poison to snakes in rave parties.

Bigg Boss 17 Wild Card Entry – Sunny Arya’s Wife Deepika Arya, Raghav Sharma
Bigg Boss 17 Wild Card Entry - Sunny Arya's Wife Deepika Arya, Raghav Sharma

Bigg Boss 17, the famous TV show that makes us sit at the edge of our seats, is about to get even more thrilling! Some people are saying that two new friends will soon be on the show. Their names are Deepika Arya and Raghav Sharma.

Deepika Arya is the wife of Sunny Arya, who some people call Tehelka Bhai. Sunny Arya is famous for his bold personality and fun attitude. Deepika Arya is now getting ready to join the Bigg Boss 17 house. This is such a big surprise for all the fans!

But wait, there’s more! Another popular person, Raghav Sharma, might also come into the Bigg Boss house. He has won many hearts with his charm and talent. People are saying that both Deepika Arya and Raghav Sharma will come into the show around the middle of November. That’s not too far away!

Imagine how the house will change with these new friends. We might see new friendships, new fights, and lots of drama! Viewers are excited to see how Deepika Arya and Raghav Sharma will fit into the house. Will they make new friends or enemies? Only time will tell!

So, get ready to cheer for your favorites and see how the dynamics of the show shift with these two new entries. Make sure to mark your calendars for mid-November to catch their grand entry into the Bigg Boss 17 house. Let’s wait and watch what exciting adventures await us!

FIR against Elvish yadav for using snake venoms and smuggling in rave party at his farm house with youtubers

Noida police raided Elvish Yadav’s farm house where around 5 peoples were arrested for a rave party where snake venoms were being used for hangover.

Elvish was not arrested but his name is registered in the FIR.

Menka Gandhi’s ngo for animal welfare reported about this party going on and police raided the place where police arrested 5 people and also included Elvish yadav in the FIR.

It is not clear whether Elvish was present there or not but it is said that party was held at his farm house ans that is why his name is registered in the FIR