Bigg Boss 17 Anurag vs Khaanzadi fight Khaanzadi crying

Aishwarya, Abhishek, Khaanzadi were talking with each other about Sana. Thry were saying how even Sana can eat her food after getting our ration halved. She did not even say sorry.

Abhishek said even if Sana had confeesed that she is feeling bad for us after she gave up our ration. We would have let go of this. Khaanzadi said even when I am not doing my duty i was eating my food but I did not feel well about this.

Aisjwarya said you did not come for duty. And arguement started there between them.

Later, Anurag was consoling khaanzadi and said when they were talking about Sana you should not have involved yourself like this had happened with me because it will backfire.

Khaanzadi did not understand and Anurag started fighting. Seeing this Aishwarya Isha started making her fun