Bigg Boss 17 Munnawar consoles Mannara and Abhishek

Munawar Faruqui and Mannara were talking together. Mannara was complaining to Munawar about his three friends Abhishek, Chintu and Isha.

Munawar said you will loose me if you say bad things for me. I want you to understand me.

She said Samarth, Isha and Abhishek come between us. Munawar said Abhishek never comes in between when we talk but Isha and Samarth are your common friends too. They come to talk with you too.

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Abhishek Crying

Later, Abhishek was crying after Isha bashed him when he was talking to Munawar about Isha supporting Sana when she gave up by accepting half of the house ration for no duty offered to sana by bigg boss. Mannara was supporting Sana, but Isha started also supporting her. Abhishek questioned her why she took jer side which seems wrong. Later, Abhishek asked Munawar if he told Isha to do or say that. Bigg Boss asked Abhishek what is he saying . Isha got angry on this and bashed Abhishek for this.