Bigg Boss 17 Weekend ka Vaar 6th January 2024 Full Episode Salman bashed Isha-Samarth, Abhishek Aoora Evicted

Bigg boss 17 Weekend ka Vaar 6th January 2024 Full Episode

In Bigg Boss 17 Weekend ka Vaar 6th January 2024 Full Episode Salman Khan bashed Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel for overly poking Abhishek Kumar. Abhishek Kumar Re Enters Bigg Boss house after being evicted from the house. Aoora Evicted on the basis of votes

Timeline of todays Bigg Boss 17 Episode

1. Abhishek evicted by Ankita Lokhande.

2. Salman khan bashed Isha and Samarth

3. Abhishek brought back re enters inside Bigg Boss 17 house.

4. Aoora Evicted.

Abhishek Evicted by Ankita Lokhande Bigg Boss 17

Boss 17 Ankita Evicted Abhishek Kumar

Bigg Boss asked Ankita Lokhande to decide what should be Abhishek Kumars fate in the house. She said Bigg Boss Abhishek Kumar should leave the show.

Abhishek Kumar Evicted Bigg Boss 17

Abhishek kept asking Ankita Lokhande to not evict him. She could have asked for strict punishment but she choose to evict him.

Abhishek Kumar Evicted Bigg Boss 17 picture 2

Abhishek requested Bigg Boss that he dont wants to be evicted out of the show. But Bigg Boss asked him to leave from the exit gate.

Salman Khan bashed Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel – Bigg Boss 17 Weekend ka Vaar 6th January 2024 Full Episode

Salman khan bashes Samarth Jurel Isha Malviya Bigg Boss 17 weekend ka vaar 6 january 2024

In todays Bigg Boss Episode Salman got very angry on Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel and also questioned other housemates for enjoying the instigation instead of stopping it.

Salman scolds Samarth Jurel Isha Malviya for poking Abhishek Kumar in Bigg Boss 17

He said, Obviously Abhishek was also wrong but the person who forced Instigated Abhishek to reach that level and take that step of slapping is also equally wrong.

Salman pointed out Putting blanket on Abhishek, putting tissue paper inside his mouth, calling him his fathers mental kid all this was too much. And, Irony is that you all guys were watching and no one tried to stop Samarth.

Salmam Khan Exposed Samarth and Isha

He asked Isha, What you would have done if you were in place of Abhishek and Samarth had poked you like he did to Abhishek . Isha replied , I would have also slapped Samarth.

Salman told Samarth that this was the end result you wanted that Abhishem slaps you. Am, I right. Samarth confessed and said I knew his trigger points and I kept poking him by saying instigating things.

Salmam said, It was all planned by you to enter into finale and achieved it successfully..

Abhishek Kumar’s Re-entry

Salman Khan proved this that all of this was pre planned and then asked contestants who want Abhishek Kumar back in the house.

And just like last season Archana was brought back in. Abhishek Kumar was alao brought back in Bigg Boss 17 house.

Who Evicted

So, This week Aoora has been evicted from the show due to getting less votes. And no other eviction has happened.

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