Bigg Boss 17 Shocking Eviction

This weekend ka vaar Karan Johar became the host as Salman Khan had to do some other important work.

Karan Johar took Isha’s class and also talked on Ankita -Vicky family matter how she was being taunted by her in laws

Eviction- Samarth Jurel is evicted this week from Bigg Boss house. Now please press the bell icon and subscribe for more latest information.

This is latest news according to the sources and some changes might happen.

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  1. 🚨 Bigg Boss 17 witnessed a shocking eviction during this weekend ka vaar with Karan Johar stepping in as the host. Salman Khan had prior commitments, and Karan Johar discussed various matters, including addressing issues related to Ankita and her family. In a surprising turn of events, Samarth Jurel was evicted from the Bigg Boss house. Stay tuned for more updates! 📢 #BiggBoss17 #Eviction #KaranJohar #ShockingExit

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