Gautam Vig Evicted from Bigg Boss 16

Gautam Singh Vig Evicted from Bigg Boss 16 house
Gautam Singh Vig Evicted from Bigg Boss 16 house

So, Gautam Singh Vig has been Evicted from the Bigg Boss 16 house today. He was playing very low from past 2-3 weeks, especially since he was in affair with Soundarya Sharma. Gautam was always busy in soundarya and gave no contesnt to the show and audience and it has backfired because he got least votes and he is evicted now.

He was nominated this week along with Sumbul, Tina, Shalin, Soundarya. Tina and Shalin were wak contestants but Tina and Shalin gave enough content this week to be saved from nominations.

Now, Soundarya is left alone in the house but yes she has a lone warrior friend Archana Gautam in the house. Now, Soundarya will play along with Archana Guatam in the house.

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