How to get Fair Skin – Best 8 Skin Whitening Creams

Hi friends, today I will give you complete information about fairness creams. Firstly, why are so many people using fairness creams? The answer is that we are not happy with our skin color and we think that only fair skin is a sign of beauty.

The benefit of our mentality goes to big companies’ in producing fairness creams. Your skin is your natural colour. How many colour-making cells are in your skin has been decided by nature for thousands of years. But the companies that make fairness creams make advertisements that if your skin is not fair, you will be rejected in job interviews, rejected for marriage, and you will never be able to become a model or an actor. You see these advertisements and think that to succeed in this world, it is necessary to be fair.

But these companies that make you feel of not having fair skin day and night, are they also telling you about the harms of these fairness creams? Do they tell you that you should not use these creams during the day, otherwise your skin may burn from the chemicals in these creams? Or when you stop using these creams, your skin may become darker than before.

Every post on my blog is full of such questions. “Ma’am, I started using a fairness cream, but when I tried to stop using it, my whole face was ruined.” The biggest problem is that when you start using any cream, the skin looks clean for a few days, and the skin looks smooth. But after using it for six months or a year, the chemicals in it, you can see the side effects of those creams and chemical s in it on your skin. Nowadays, the creams that people are buying on the internet to get fair skin without taking any doctor’s advice, those creams contain steroids, hydroquinone, and retino A. These are contained in these creams. These are all medicines which are used in treating melasma. And these chemicals in these fairness creams just helps to smooth the skin. So, Using them as fairness creams will result into disaster. Also, using them for 1-2 years might result into hair growth on skin, pimples, white black spots or thinning of skin, etc.

Now you have to clean your skin from the stains and make it smooth or soft. So I will tell you some safe creams. You can get these creams at any good chemist’s shop. These creams contain ingredients like Co-Gic acid, Azelaic acid, Vitamin C, Arbutin, Licorice and Nicotinic acid. These ingredients clean the skin and helps to smooth the skin. Also, These creams should be applied only at night. So use them like night cream. If your skin is dry, apply a moisturizer or coconut oil first. Then apply this cream. If you have oily skin, wash your face with a gentle face wash and apply this cream. For normal and combination skin, you can use this cream after washing your face with water.

I am going to tell you the names of some creams that are good for your skin. These creams are

skin whitening creams list for getting fair skin - list 1
skin whitening creams list for getting fair skin – list 1
  1. Clearz Cream from Dr. Reddy’s
  2. Kojivit Gel by Micro Garcia company
  3. VC5 or VC15 Vita C Serum by Cipla company
  4. Prorac Cream by Premier Pharma
skin whitening creams list for getting fair skin - list 2
skin whitening creams list for getting fair skin – list 2
  1. Aziderm cream by Micro labs
  2. Kojiglo forte by Alchem company
  3. Demelan cream by Glenmark company
  4. Glambak gel by Kepler company.

You can get all these creams at your chemist’s shop or on the internet. Choose one cream that suits your skin and your pocket. Apply it at night and sleep. In the morning, wash your face with a gentle face wash and apply a moisturizer according to your skin type. In one or two months, When you get a good result, then in my personal opinion, you should use natural moisturizers like coconut oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, or olive oil to massage your face in the morning and evening. Natural masks like honey lemon juice mask, fresh cucumber or cucumber mask, raw potato or raw potato mask, You should apply it twice a week. You can watch the video on how to make your skin fair and healthy and how to keep it beautiful on my channel

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