Bigg Boss 16 Shukravaar ka Vaar 7th October 2022 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 16 Shukravaar ka Vaar 7th October 2022 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 16 Shukravaar ka Vaar 7th October 2022 Full Episode
Bigg Boss 16 Shukravaar ka Vaar 7th October 2022 Full Episode

In Today’s Bigg Boss 16 Shukravaar ka Vaar 7th October 2022 Full Episode Salman Khan declares that there will be no eviction this week. Salman Khan also discusses the house topics like Archana’s derogatory comments towards Abdu’s height and Sumbul’s name. Salman also surprises Abdu by providing him dumbles for gym as he demanded in Bigg Boss 16 7th October 2022 Full Episode. Manya Singh vs Sreejita De big fight happened in which both of them made ugly comments on each other’s career. Salman khan also taught both of them a lesson on this expecially to Manya.

Special guests Rashmika Mandana and Neena Gupta will appear on Shukravaar ka Vaar 7th October Episode of Bigg boss 16

Salman Khan praises Abdu and tells him that everybody in India has become fans of him. He has now become the Hindustaan ki Jaan.

Manya Singh vs Sreejita de Fight
Bigg Boss 16 Shukravaar ka Vaar 7th October 2022 Full Episode

Manya Singh vs Sreejita de Fight  Bigg Boss 16 Shukravaar ka Vaar 7th October 2022 Full Episode
Manya Singh vs Sreejita de Fight Bigg Boss 16 Shukravaar ka Vaar 7th October 2022 Full Episode

Sreejita De and Manya Singh were having a discussion in between the shoot of Shukravaar ka vaar episode. Sreejita de said something about Manya Singh in front of Salmaan. So, Manya said, you can’t say that to me.

So, after salman went away to have dinner with other contestants. Sreejita asked manya if your screw is loose or something. You keep repeating the phrase,” you cant say it- you can’t say that.” Sreejita said it is my mouth and I will say whatever I want to.

Sreejita called Manya – doggy, dumb, so called girl and just a runner up

She crossed limits like Paras Chhabra when she said, Everybody here has earned this place except you. Manya asked what have you done. Sreejita said, I won’t tell about what I have done to a girl like you in Bigg Boss 16 7th October 2022 Full Episode.

Then, Manya replied I was the ambassador of this country who are you just a TV Actress .

Salman Khan calls Gautam Vig – A FAKE and Copy cat Personality
in Bigg Boss 16 Shukravaar ka Vaar 7th October 2022 Full Episode

Salman Khan calls Gautam Vig - A FAKE Personality in Bigg Boss 16 Shukravaar ka Vaar 7th October 2022 Full Episode
Salman Khan calls Gautam Vig – A FAKE Personality in Bigg Boss 16 7th October 2022 Full Episode

So, Salman Khan entered inside Shukravaar ka Vaar 7th October Episode of Bigg Boss 16. After some performances and entertainment. Salman gave contestants to have a delicious dinner. But the catch is four contestants will not get the chance to have this amazing dinner.

Abdu went there first and then he called Nimrat and then nimrat called Gautam and then so on. The four contestants were left out and did not get chance.

Unlucky contestants who did not get a chance to have dinner with Salman – Sreejita, Priyanka, Ankit, Manya

Question – Salman Khana asked who is the fake contestant in the Bigg Boss 16 house.

salman khan calls gautam vig fake contestant
Salman calls gautam vig fake contestant

Before anyone could have answered, Salman answered it himself and called Gautam vig is fake here. He said gautam is faking is personality and just acting here. Salman asked gautam to not try to be like past contestants and play fake. He requested Gautam to be real and himself.

He said Gautam is copying the past contestants and Nimrat is also doing a bit of same thing.

Gautam was accused of forming alliance or groupism of TV Actors.

MC stan calls Shalin fake

MC stan calls Shalin fake
MC stan calls Shalin fake

Salman also asked MC stan about who is being fake in the Bigg Boss 16 house. MC stan answered that he thinks Shalin Bhanot is doing acting in the house.

Shalin replied, he(MC stan) said I am doing acting here. I take money for acting and I am not here for acting. I need script and writer for doing acting.

Bigg Boss 16 Live 7th October Episode

Salman Khan enters inside house. All contestants are sitting in the garden and Salman is also sitting on a chair like a boss. Salman is talking to contestants and having fun with them.

Salman Khan praises Abdu that he is being loved here and outside. He also gifted him the dumbles that Abdu wanted.

Salman talks Nimrat about she winning here captaincy back by defeating Shalin. he also talked to her about struggle in captaincy.

Salman asked Priyanka about her game and she being the advisor of everyone. Asked her to play her game and don’t deviate.

Salman Khan asks Gauri Nagori if she have any complaint or want to tell him something. Gauri stood up and secretly told Salman that she is having difficulty in being friends because people here does not like here.

Salman says do not think about it and never let it come to your mind. Gauri said everybody talks to her now and she talks to the only persons, she likes.

Gauri Nagori vs Sumbul Touqeer Dance

Salman asked Gauri to show some of her dance moves and also asked a contestant who can give tough competition to Gauri. Contestants chose Sumbul and both danced one by one. Gauri won the task as voted by contestants.

Sumbul ignored by housemates

Salman asked Sumbul if she has having a group in the house. She told that she talks with whom she likes to talk and remains together with them. Sumbul said the housemates in the house undermine her and do not involve her in any conversation.

She said they think her as minor. So, Salman said it might be a good thing if they think that. So she said they do not involve her in discussions because of this. they think I am dumb.

Salman to MC Stan in Bigg Boss 16

Salman asked who is fake according to MC stan. MC stan answered Shalin seems fake to him. Salman answered another name for a fake contestant, MC stan answered Manya. He said Manya starts overacting when she is under focus of Camera.

Salman replied and said they are trying to do something, You should do the same. It might not happen that you would be the first contestant to be evicted.

Salman to Shiv thakre in Bigg Boss 16 today’s Episode

After talking to Gautam, Salman asked Shiv thakre’s game. Salman said you(shiv) take stand on matters but you get easy when the opponent group is strong. Do not get easy while taking stands on matters no matter who is against you.

Salman breaks Shalin’s misconception

Salman told Shalin that you are here to be a contestant. Be a contestant first and leave the desire to be the host for future.

Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Full Episode
Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Full Episode

In Today’s Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Full Episode is Reel Battle Task is organised, and Killi Paul will give special appearance. Abdu and MC stan will compete against each other in making reels. Shalin and Sumbul are becoming friends with each other.

Sumbul and Shalin are becoming friends
Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Full Episode

Soundarya Sharma was cooking breakfast in kitchen and Shalin was sitting there talking to her. She was making chirla or something for Shalin. So, she asked Shalin to bring Onion, Besan and Green chilli from Room no 2. Shalin went to Sumbul and took her to room no 2 for picking these basic food items. It seems Shalin just needed a moment with Sumbul.

Gautam vig flirting with Soundarya
Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Episode

Now, Shalin, Sumbul, Gautam are sitting in front of Soundarya Sharma who is cooking breakfast. The rest of contestants are busy in shooting of a task. Shalin says Soundarya likes lean ment. Gautam says I will go more lean for you. After that, Shalin says, if you become inspector the rest of the village will plead guilty to be arrested by you. Gautam says if you are inspector I will be the thief. Actually, Soundarya was looking hot in the kitchen.

Gautam was saying many flattering lines for Soundarya. Gautam says Shalin you will do her Kanyadaan. He said i can stop myself from looking at her.

Abdu and Shiv vs MC Stan and Sumbul Task

Bigg Boss had assigned Abdu and MC stan to make reels. Shiv was manager of Abdu and Sumbul was manager of Abdu.

Archana, Gautam, Shalin, Sajid, Soundarya, Nimrat supported MC stan. These contestants made reel with MC Stan.

Other Contestants chose Abdu and made reels with him.

Today’s Episode is updating above

Sidharth Shehnaaz love special. Asim, Rashmi, Vishal together rising as a group and playing their game smartly. Mahira fights against Asim , Vishal and Rashmi in nomination task. Sidharth and Shehnaaz confessed their love almost. Shehnaaz had feelings for Paras and she confessed it but the way she loves Sidharth but as a friend. Loving someone does not mean that it should be your gf/bf it could be loving someone as a friend may be more than your boyfriend or girlfriend even.
But all of these facts are seemingly wrong after today’s episode because they both said things like they are in love with each other.

1 ) Big Fight on lunch as Mahira delays lunch and making lunch on dinner time.
2 ) Paras being jerk targets Vishaal and manipulates mahira, Sidharth and Captain Shehnaaz to make a rule of 2 Parathas for everyone. This was specailly to target Vishal .
3 ) Vishal questions Mahira for this sudden change in lunch meal.
4 ) Vishal refuses to wash utensils and Big fight between Mahira and Rashmi Desai.
5 ) Shehnaaz and Madhurima tuli together teased Vishal . It was must entertaing and fun part of the today’s

Mahira vs Rashmi Big Fight on making lunch late.
Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Full Episode

So, from past two days housemates are having lunch at dinner time . In other words, Housemates are having lunch and dinner at same time because Mahira is making lunch late. In Morning, Shehnaaz as captain told everyone that let us have breakfast in the morning. Lunch and dinner will be cooked at the same time .

Rashmi questioned Shehnaaz that this new thing Lunch and Dinner at the same time has only occured in Shehnaaz’s captaincy. We all have been adusting from three days. So, Mahira who was sitting nearby said, “except yesterday when lunch has not been ready on time ?. I also cooked breakfast that day which was Arhaan’s duty.”
Furthermore, Mahira said , You guys always keep crying lunch is late , lunch is late, lunch is late..So what happened ?
Vishal said , If lunch is not on time or delayed then it will be called so that lunch is delayed.

Mahira started shouting and started the fight.

As Mahira started shouting on Rashmi and Vishal. Rashmi said you always try to get away from your duties . Neither you are comfortable in making breakfast nor your lunch is ready on time. Mahira said you lubber or idle I am not. Furthermore, Mahira said all of you guys bark like dogs for footage. Rashmi said What type of th language is this? Is someone misbehaving to you ?
Further Rashmi said I have a problem with that because I do not get food on time. This fight went on for long Asim tried to calm down Mahira who was so much angry. Mahira said She is calling me lubber or idle. Furthermore, Mahira added , She used to cook 5-5 rotis that too by asking everone that is someone will eat or not. On the other hand I make 3-4 rotis as everyone demanded.

After the Fight – Paras manipulated Shehnaaz & Mahira to cook 2 rotis for everyone.

So, After the fight Paras the jerk manipulated Shehnaaz , Sidharth and Mahira against Vishal that Vishal eats 4 parathas. Paraas asked Shehnaaz as she is captain to not let cook Mahira more than 2 Parathaas for everyone. We have flourished nourished him too much and even after that we are getting abusive language . So let us make him suffer now. As Paras wanted that happened . After that, Vishal came to get his breakfast and he came to know that there are only two Paratha’s for him. Vishal asked Mahira that why it happened. Paras who was sitting next to Mahira said I have no involvement in it. Which was a lie we all know how much Paras is jealous of other group.

Vishal asked Mahira why this idea suddenly crossed your mind . Mahira said, This is a simple thing that everyone will do their duty simply and perfectly. She gave the reason because I get no appreciation even after doing my duties. Vishal said now this is like a intentional fight. Mahira said I do not want to be a work goddess.

Vishal refused to dishwash- Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Full Episode

Vishal has two three duties like helper in kitchen cut vegetables , Dishwash etc. So, Vishal refused to dishwash duty that he will not wash plates of anyone . Furthermore he said, eat your own cooked food and wash your own plates.
Arti I do not know what to say about her as she interferes in every matter.
Arti said you have to wash utensils because it is your duty. Vishal said if shehnaaz can modify new rules in baking parathaas the she can ask everyone to wash their own plates.

Sidharth who is now being biased since he joined Paras group. Sidharth said Vishal that you are crying because of 4 parathaas . You are looking so stupid.
Vishal said I am not crying , I am hurt. Shehnaaz requested Vishal to please do you duty. Visjal replied that he will not do it whatever happens he does not care.

Shehnaaz Madhurima teasing Vishal
Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Full Episode

Vishal and Madhurima are not in good terms from yesterday because of their fight. So , In the evening Shehnaaz and Madhurima started teasing Vishal . Everyone was nearby kitchen and Vishal was cooking something . Shehnaaz hugged Madhurima and asked how is she. Madhurima answered I am good and asked her the same question. It was all fun that Shehnaaz & Madhurima was doing with each other.
Shehnaaz to Madhurima– You left Vishal Aditya singh ?
Madhurima – No , it is just okay Nowadays What else can I say ?
Everyone Sidharth , Paras , Shefali zariwala and Arti was laughing sitting nearby.
Shehnaaz – He uses clip( hairband ) yet ?
Madhurima– Yeah! Yeah! It’s his style. He can not let go his style easily.
Furthermore, Shehnaaz asked If any ghost collided to Madhurima.
Madhurima– No not yet.

Teasing went on Shehnaaz & Madhurima had too much fun.

Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Full Episode
Shehnaaz to Madhurima
– What do you say to Vishal ghost! Ghost!. Vishal himself is a big ghost. Furthermore, Shehnaaz said Let go this boyfriend because boys like Vishal bus one goes second arrives.
Madhurima- Yeah you are right.
Shehnaaz– What Vishal was saying to you that he is not worth enough to take your abusive language. His activities are worthy of abusive words . On the other hand Vishal questions on being abused .
It was all fun everybody was laughing.

Shehnaaz went to Vishal now

So, Shehnaaz was kidding and went to Vishal who was making tea. Shennaaz asked Vishaal to give tea to Madhurima too as ghost or monkey. You did not get So why are you barking ( Vishal took U-turn to shouting as it was uttered in mistake because of Shehnnaaz and Madhurima’s fun) .
Shehnaaz to Vishal you tell everyone that Madhurima abuses that is why you do not like her. But you himself use barking barking type words. Vishal Where I used it , See I corrected it immediately and took U- turn.
Shehnaaz said on behalf of Madhurima boys like 36 comes and 36 goes. It was amazing too see the all fun Shehnaaz , Madhurima and Vishal had.

Nominations – Who will nominate whom ?
Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Full Episode

So , Today’s Nomination will be performed in a interesting and different way. Everyone has to choose two names for nominations . They have to nominate them by using stamp pad and give a thumb impression on their faces.

Firstly, Asim nominated Shefali zariwala for interfering yesterday when he was talking to Sidharth. Secondly, He nominated Mahira for refusing to cook food that cause reshhufling of duties of others and inconvinience to everyone.
Vishal Nominated Mahira too because she is nothing in the house and zero too without Paras .
Rashmi also nominated Mahira for running away from duties.

Madhurima, Bagga , Zariwala other targets.

So, Another target was Shefali bagga from Sidharth and Paras’s side.
Paras nominated Shefali bagga because she has no fight of her own but she interferes in someone else’s fights.Paras advised her to pack her bags. Shefali bagga said Someday you will also evict.
Sidharth also nominated Shefali bagga becuase she interferes in matters of others. She gives her point of view where there is no need.
Shefali zariwala nominated Madhurima because Madhurima is creating so much problems in house duties.
Rashmi nominated Shefali zariwala because she in not trustworthy and Mahira.

Shehnaaz Sidharth are in love ?

Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Full Episode
Shehnaaz and Sidharth Shukla were sitting in garden area
. So, Shehnaaz was aasking Sidharth about the time when Sidharth felt attatchment with her.
Sidharth was in fun mood he replied never. Furthermore , Shehnaaz asked Which girl you like most in the house. Sidharth replied no one. Shehnaaz requested Sidharth to take her name .

So, This time Sidharth asked Shehnaaz if you are allowed to choose one male in the house who will be yours completely , Whom will you choose?
Shehnaaz replied you( Sidharth )
Furthermore, Arti got there too and Arti asked Sidharth, Will you go to Mohali specially to meet Shehnaaz ?
Sidharth replied that Shehnaaz will come to bombay to meet him.
After that, Arti asked Sidharth that you are tough to be pleased when you are angry . So how Shehnaaz will manage to please you ?
Sidharth further said I like Shehnaaz kaur gill.
Arti asked Sidharth about the way he loves her ?
Sidharth replied as a friend.
Shehnaaz struck him with a pillow.

Bigg boss 16 4th October 2022 Full Episode

Bigg boss 16 4th October 2022 Full Episode

Bigg boss 16 4th October 2022 Full Episode
Live Bigg boss 16 4th October 2022 Full Episode

Live Bigg boss 16 4th October 2022 Full Episode – Morning hooter plays and contestants gather in garden. All of them recite Bigg Boss anthem.

Housemates deciding what to cook. Soundarya suggests Upama for everyone. Archana again uses a derogatory word for Abdu.

Abdu is so cute he is entertaining all the contestants. Abdu was also doing gym in the morning.

Bigg Boss to Nimrat

Bigg Boss called Nimrat and asked if she is having problem about house works with Priyanka. Priyanka is interfering in every work of yours. So, replace Priyanka with one of the three workers in the house.

Nimrat chose Priyanka replacing Manya. So, Now Priyanka will do Manya’s duty, which Bigg Boss had assigned to three contestants as punishment.

Bigg Boss assigned Sajid to held a stand up show

Sajid Khan says some sher on Ankit. Ankit and priyanka are not couple

About Sajid says some sher on Abdu’s cuteness

About Priyanka – He says some sher on Priyanka’s interfereing habit

About Sumbul – She is the youngest sometimes she is dumbest and sometimes smartest

About Shiv – Bigg Boss marathi winner, roasted during dinner lastnight

About Archana – ye yaha ayi hai jhagde ka karne set trend.

About Shalin – You said you are a bhai of para, but mjhe kyu nominate kiya why why why hai .

Contestants Reaction on his show

Priyanka, Soundarya, Tina,Manya, MC stan, Sumbul, Sreejita, Nimrat, Gauri, Shiv gave thumbs up to Sajid’s performance.

Abdu said you brought superb happiness in the house. I liked it very much.

Shalin remarked that you said nomination grudge is over, but you still mentioned it here.

Priyanka – I thought some lines were showing your personal frustration towards.

Ration limited in Bigg Boss 16

After Sajid’s performances, Bigg Boss banned all the kitchen items except Salt, Sugar, etc. Now, Every room’s ration will be divided and limited. They will use it accordingly.

Sajid will decide how the ration will be divided between them. Sajid said is this a prize or a punishment.

Sajid vs Shalin fight

Sajid asked you nominated me yesterday and today you gave me thumbs down. What are you doing?
Shalin asked few minutes to explain his points. Shalin said I did not like your joke about me.

Bigg Boss exposed Shalin as Sreejita and Gautam rebels

Chicken was given to the Shalin’s room as Shalin is required to take protien daily. . Sreejita, and Gautam were being rebellion about this and discussing it to shalin. Shalin mislead them about his requirement and told them lies.

Bigg Boss called all the three in the confession room. Bigg Boss said Shalin needs 200gm chicken intake per day. But Bigg Boss has sent 3.5kg chicken in the house. And, Bigg Boss has also sent cottage cheese, curd , etc. It will satisfy Shalin’s protien intake. It can also be given to others as well.

Bigg Boss 16 3rd October 2022 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 16 3rd October 2022 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 16 3rd October 2022 Full Episode
Live Bigg Boss 16 3rd October 2022 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 16 3rd October 2022 Full Episode starts Live-

Morning starts with hooter and contestants immediately gathered in the garden area and recited Bigg Boss 16 National anthem.

After that in Kitchen, Archana was making food for herself because no one likes her food. Here an argument started between Nimrat and Archana, they were fighting with each other.

Shiv came and sent away Archana from that argument, It irked Nimrat that this is not a way. Now, Shiv and Archana started fighting with each other. Shiv’s concern was that in kitchen, that argument will not end. So you both should go and talk in private.

Sajid Khan came and consoled Nimrat and then Shiv also came and explained his point to bring Archana away from Nimrat- Archana’s conversation. He just explained that his intention was to end the quarrel very fast.

Abdu’s swayamvar in Bigg Boss 16 3rd October 2022 Full Episode

Shiv eas asking Abdu which type of girl he would like for his marriage. Abdu was just blushing all the time. After that, Shiv asked Bigg Boss to organise a Swayamvar for Abdu.

Bigg Boss 16 3rd October 2022 Full Episode Ankit Priyanka Relationship

Nimrat, Shalin and others were asking Ankit about his relationship with Priyanka. He said that it is very celar. We are just friends and we never think about it. She is interested in the future but I am not. Others conveyed him that we see that Priyanka has some soft corner for you.

Bigg Boss 16 3rd October 2022 Full Episode Tina proposes Abdu

Tina dutta asked Abdu if she can be his girlfriend. Abdu was blushing and tried to not reply. Shiv also asked Abdu if he likes Archana or Soundarya. Abdu said Archana never. Tina was still teasing him. She was asking him to be his boyfriend.

Tina said you broke my heart. Abdu said you are cute and now Tina started blushing and laughing.

Nimrat fights with Shiv thakre

An argument started for nothing between Shiv and Nimrat. TV industry celebs are or nimrat side mostly. Shiv, Archana Priyanka are aligning in a group. Sajid is being mediator in the house.

Nominations in the house

Bigg Boss asked contestants to nominate two contestants each and Nimrat will be safe from nominations.

A fire artist will come in the house contestants will give names and their reason to nominate particular contestants.

Nimrat – Archana

Shalin – Sajid and Abdu
Sreejita – Gauri Nagori and Tina Dutta
Gautam – Gauri and Stan
Tina – Sajid and Stan
Manya – Gauri and Stan
Ankit – Gauri and Stan
Archana – Stan and Sajid
Sajid – Tina and Shalin
Shiv – Gautam and Sajid
Priyanka – Stan and Manya
Sumbul – Manya and Sajid
Stan – Gautam and Priyanka
Soundarya – Abdu and Ankit
Gauri – Gautam and Ankit
Abdu – Shalin and Saundarya

Sajid and Shalin discussing why shalin nominated Sajid. Sajid was not happy with his choice and explanation.

Bigg Boss punished Contestants

Bigg Boss Punished Manya, Tina and Soundarya fr saying sorry for nominating contestants.

All three will do the entire work of the house. Captain Nimrat will make sure that they do their duty.

Bigg Boss mentoring contestants

Bigg Boss mentoring Shalin, Bigg Boss asked Shalin if he had opinions or not. After that, Bigg Boss questioned why did you gave explaination to Sajid for nominating him. Bigg Boss said do not sugarcoat your words in the house.

Bigg Boss 16 2nd October 2022 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 16 2nd October 2022 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 16 2nd October 2022 Full Episode
Bigg Boss 16 2nd October 2022 Full Episode

Live Bigg Boss 16 2nd October 2022 Full Episode Captain Nimrat warned by Bigg Boss, Sajid becomes transaltor of Abdu, Captain is under watch of Bigg Boss everytime, Morning song Wheel is broken as Morning song banned by Bigg Boss and asked Contestant to learn a new Bigg Boss 16 anthem in few minutes.

Bigg Boss 16 Live Streaming Today Episode

Today’s Bigg Boss 16 2nd October 2022 Full Episode starts

Nimrat Kaur as captain gathered all the contestants in the living area and then allotted beds to every one.

Sajid Khan is giving three major disadvantages of smoking. Sajid took oath that till the end of the season he will be a non-smoker.

After that, Bigg Boss called Sajid and Abdu and told Sajid that he will be the official translator of Abdu. And also convey this to other contestants also.

4:00am in the morning

Abdu was seen asking Bigg Boss to send dumbles for him. So, he can do his gym. Sajid came and translated this in hindi to Bigg Boss.

Argument between Archana and Tina

10:15 pm

Archana started questioning Tina dutta why she did not turn off the gas stove. Tina dutta said I ahd done it, I do not know how it was left open. Archana started arguing with her, and said If you had done some mistake. So, learn to accept your mistake.

Morning – Bigg Boss 16 Live

2:15 pm

Sajid is being seen everywhere. Soundarya, Manya, Ankit and Sajid were talking to each other.

Sajid asked all of them question Love or Money?

Except Manya all answered, money is bigger than love.

Abdu is happy

Abdu’s mike was provided by Bigg Boss. he became so happy and gave hifi to Shalin and laso hugged Gautam vig.

Tina Dutta and MC stan

Mc stan and Tina dutta were talking to each other. Tina asked why this name MC stan. He explained that it is made of half devils name and half god’s name. After that, he also sang his basti ka hasti song and everybody clapped.

Bigg Boss banned Morning wake-up song Song

Bigg Boss said here the contestants have come to bcome Sidharth Shukla, Hina Khan, Gauhar Khan, Gautam Gulati etc. But this season is very different and everything will be changed. So from now on Bigg Boss wake-up song will be banned. And, In the morning Alarm will ring and in five minutes Contestants have to be gathered in garden area and sing Bigg Boss 16 Anthem.

All the contestants divided the lines between them. SO they can learn their lines very well and do not forget when the time comes to sing in the morning. The responsibility will be of Captain to make sure that each of the contestants does his duty.

Abdu’s difficulty and struggles Bigg Boss 16 2nd October 2022 Full Episode

Sajid asked are you are rich as you have many followers and famous too. Abdu said no due to my short height, i have faced lot of difficulties. People usually make fun of me. Also I did not go to classes(education) because their I was also a topic of fun. Now, I am getting some work and money.

Parody calls to contestants in Bigg Boss 16 2nd October 2022 Full Episode

Amir Khan calls Shalin Bhanot

The phone rang and Tina dutta picked it up. Praody Amir Khan spoke and asked her to bring Shalin on the phone. After that, Amir said I heard you want to be superstar like Salman Khan. I liked your physique, So go to swimming pool and jump once in it and come back to me.

Amir again asked Shalin to go back and dive in swimming pool once again.

Third time, Shalin was asked to do it again third time.

Hrithik Roshan called this time in Bigg Boss 16 2nd October Episode

So this time Parody Hrithik Roshan called and Soundarya picked the phone. He asked her to bring Gautam vig on the phone. Gautam came on phone and Parody hrithik asked him to go shirtless as his physique is good. After that, he was asked to go into each room and do hrithik roshan’s signature step.

Parody Sonu Nigam calls

Tina dutta was asked to take Abdu and sing Dil deewana song in the garden area with him.

Pankaj called, Archana vs Nimrat fight

Pankat tripahti called Archana and asked her to write worthless on the forehead of anyone. She worte it with lipstick on Nimrat and even called her worthless. It hurt Nimrat and she started crying but Nimrat helped her to to do the task.

Bigg Boss called Nimrat and declared that all the calls were prank calls.

Archana arguing for Kitchen Duty, Nimrat Kaur denies

Nimrat Kaur removed Archana gautam from kitchen’s duty. Archana sadi she likes cooking and requested her to keep her in kitchen duty. Nimrat said if you like cooking you can do it by your own but it will not be considered as your duty. An argument happened between them.

Bigg Boss 16 2nd October 2022 Full Episode Captaincy Under risk for Nimrat Kaur

Bigg Boss 16 2nd October 2022 Full Episode Captaincy Under risk for Nimrat Kaur
Bigg Boss 16 2nd October 2022 Full Episode Captaincy Under risk for Nimrat Kaur

In Bigg Boss 16 2nd October 2022 Full Episode, Bigg Boss called Nimrat kaur in confession room and also asked all other contestants to gather in linving area. After that, Bigg Boss declared nimrat Kaur that you are the first captain of the Bigg Boss 16 house, but do not take it for granted. And, You will be under my Bigg Boss’s watch all time. If at anytime you were found violating any captain’s rule. You will be terminated as a captain immediately. Bigg Boss also announced it to the other housemates that, If Bigg Boss 16 captain of the house will be under watch 24*7 and his/her captaincy is on risk if he fails to obey captaincy rules.

Bigg Boss said the rules are being broken and whenever any rule is broken the phone will wring. Then, Captaincy’s of the captain will be on risk.

Bigg Boss 16 2nd October 2022 Episode – Sajid Becomes Abdu’s translator

Bigg Boss 16 2nd October 2022 Episode - Sajid Becomes Abdu's translator
Bigg Boss 16 2nd October 2022 Episode – Sajid Becomes Abdu’s translator

In Bigg Boss 16 2nd October 2022 Full Episode Bigg Boss called Abdu and Sajid Khan in confession room. Sajid was scared about why they have been called in the confession room. He asked Abdu, if he had done any mess or mischief. Abdu denied and said I also do not know.

Then, Bigg Boss started talking and said, Sajid Abdu is from foreign country and also our guest. He does not know Hindi very well, So from now you will be his translator. Whenever Abdu faces problem in speaking and understanding hindi. You will translate the messages, tasks, Bigg Boss orders and all to him from hindi to english.

Later, Sajid was seen transalting things to Abdu.

Contestants get shocked on the First Morning

Bigg Boss 16 Anthem as morning wake up song
Bigg Boss 16 Anthem as morning wake up song

So, On the first morning of Bigg Boss 16, Bigg Bos let the contestants enjoy and dance on the morning song first. After that, Bigg Boss announced that 15 years of tradition of morning wake up song is going to end now. So, from now on Bigg Boss 16 anthem will be recited and played in the morning.

Then, Bigg Boss displayed the Bigg Boss anthem and asked contestants to learn it immediately in five minutes.

The contestants were shocked initially, but later when the Bigg Boss anthem was displayed everyone was enjoying it. They all were learning and singing and it aloud. They were happy to sing it.


Bigg Boss 16 1st October 2022 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 16 1st October 2022 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 16 1st October 2022 Full Episode
Bigg Boss 16 1st October 2022 Full Episode

In Bigg Boss 16 1st October 2022 Full Episode Salman Khan introduces all contestants Sumbul Toqueer, Tina Dutta, MC Stan, Adbu Rozik, Gori Nagori, Nimrat Kaur Ahluwalia, couples – Ankit Gupta and Priyanka Chahar choudhary, Sreejita De and others. Salman Khan first came on stage with a blockbuster dance performance. After that, he interacted with the audience and told us about the season that it will be much different than the previous seasons. Bigg Boss 16 house was also shown to the Bigg Boss 16 fans.

After that, Salman Khan introduced the first contestant of Bigg Boss 16 on stage. As usual The first Contestant of Bigg Boss entered on stage with a dance performance.

Bigg Boss 16 1st October 2022 Full Episode – Contestants Entering on stage

So, These are the contestants who entered on the stage in Bigg Boss 16 1st October 2022 Full Episode. Most of these Contestants gave a dance performance, except some. The Contestants are

  • Shalin Bhanot
  • Gautam Vig
  • Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia
  • Sumbul Touqeer Khan
  • Ankit Gupta
  • Priyanka Chahar Choudhary
  • Gori Nagori
  • Manya Singh
  • Abdu Rozik
  • Soundarya Sharma
  • Shiv Thakre
  • Tina Dutta
  • Sreejita De
  • MC Stan
  • Archana Gautam

Nimrat Kaur Ahluwalia in Bigg Boss 16 1st October 2022 Full Episode

Nimrat Kaur Ahluwalia in Bigg Boss 16 1st October 2022 Full Episode
Nimrat Kaur Ahluwalia in Bigg Boss 16 1st October 2022 Full Episode

Mehar of Chhoti Sardarni aka Nimrat Kaur Ahluwalia first gave her dance performance on Bigg Boss 1666 stage. She was the first contestant in the Bigg Boss 16 house.

After that, Salman welcomed Nimrat by saying she fought and became the sardarni of TV Industry, now she is coming to become the sardarni of indian people’s heart.

After that, Nimrat Kaur was brought blindfolded to salman Khan. Nimrat wanted Salman to open her blindfold. So, She can start her journey of the biggest Reality Show in India by seeing Salman Khan’s face first.

Nimrat was the first contestant when she entered inside the Bigg Boss 16 house. Bigg Boss started talking to Nimrat and showed her the Bigg Boss 16 house icluding living area, kitchen, etc. She said I can’t cook, Bigg Boss said you might atleast know how to use cooking items.
Bigg Boss also showed her the Captains bedroom which had Jacquuzee and every other luxury item.

Bigg Boss gave her a chance to become the first captain and assigned her a duty.
She had to a lot a bedroom and a house duty to every other contestants that enters after her.

Abdu Rozik was the second contestant who entered inside the house

Abdu Rozik in Bigg Boss 16 1st October 2022 Full Episode

Abdu Rozik in Bigg Boss 16 1st October 2022 Full Episode
Contestant Abdu Rozik in Bigg Boss 16 1st October 2022 Full Episode

Abdu Rozik is a foreigner contestant introduced by Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 16 1st October 2022 Episode. Abdu Rozik came on stage by singing a song ‘Papa kehte hai ke beta bada naam karega’. As he came, Salman Khan also sang the song with him. After that, Salman Khan sat and hugged Abdu Rozik.

Abu Rozik likes Captaincy

Salman asked Abdu what he will do in the house. Abdu answered that he likes captaincy in the house. Because, Captain tell everyone to do bathroom, you do cleaning that type of thing. And Captain has to do nothing.

Salman asked Abdu what things he likes to do. Abdu rozik acted like a boxer and showed that he likes boxing. He also told Salman that he likes cooking ‘Berger’.

A Berger was brought to the stage and Abdu lovingly ate some of it. Abdu sait the berger is very tasty as he tries to speak hindi. Abdu is learning to speak hindi very well.

Abdu Rozik assigned his duty

After her Abdu Rozik came and Nimrat Kair asked her what he would like to choose as his house duty.
Abdu Rozik chose Helper in Kitchen Duty.
Then she asked Abdu to choose his bedroom . Then she helped him to take his bags near his bedroom.

After that Ankit and Priyanka were the second contestants.

Priyanka Chahar and Ankit Gupta as Couples in Bigg Boss 16 Live Streaming Today’s Episode

Priyanka Chahar and Ankit Gupta as Couples in Bigg Boss 16 Live Streaming Today's Episode
Priyanka Chahar and Ankit Gupta as Couples in Bigg Boss 16 Live Streaming Today’s Episode

In Bigg Boss 16 1st October 2022 Episode Priyanka Chahar and Ankit Gupta gave their entry performance together on a romantic song. Then, They entered on the stage on a Bhangra song,”nach punjabad nach punjabad ” to meet with salman khan.

They told that we enjoyed the success in our previous show which ran 2 years. Priyanka said she has to take some revenges in the house.
Then Salman picked out some hairs of Priyanka from Ankit’s hair. Salman Khan was teasing them. Talking with Salman khan Priyanka said, it has been first time ever that a boy has become a best friend of mine.

Salman teased Priyanka and said, ‘You know that a girl and a boy can never be friends.’ She replied, I also used to think the same until I met him.

Salman Khan asked them about their relationship status. Priyanka wrote on a board “Best Buddies”. She told Salman that their relationship is very different. For instance, Even if they are not talking to each other, they care about each other a lot.

Priyanka Ankit Love chemistry test

Salman asked Ankit you are not so vocal will you marry her. Ankot said I am not going to marry. She said Sir he is following your path.
Salman said, In past show your biology has been tested Now its time to test your chemistry and its a long journey of 105 days amid many cameras.

They were assigned Kitched Duty by Simrat Kaur and after them Archana entered Inside the house.

Archana Gautam – Model, MLA, Actress another Rakhi Sawant

Yes you read it right, she is just another Rakhi Sawant. A video of her mischief was shown to fans. After that she came on stage and had fun with Salman Khan. She told Salman that Botox is done on her hairs. Salman Khan started laughing on her funny talks.

She told that once, she had a boyfriend. But, Now she is just like Salman Khan. Salman said my deal is my deal, and you will have to deal with yours in the house.

After her, Gautam Vig was also introduced in Bigg Boss 16.

Gautam Vig in Bigg Boss 16 1st October 2022 Full Episode

Gautam Vig’s video was shown. He was saying I feel in love that has connect from the heart. Gautam vig said I believe in love which connect from heart.

Rachna showed her will to cook for Gautam vig. She was flirting with him.

Both did an act in which she was cooking and Gautam hugged her husband from the behind. It was just her wish.

She was assigned Kitchen duty in cooking when they both entered the house.

Bigg Boss 16 1 October 2022 Full Episode Gori Nagori enters on stage

Gori Nagori in Bigg Boss 16 Premiere 1 October 2022 Full Episode
Gori Nagori in Bigg Boss 16 Premiere 1 October 2022 Full Episode

Famous Rajasthani Dancer Gori Nagori also came as a Bigg Boss 16 Contestant in Bigg Boss 1st October 2022 Full Episode. Gori Nagori entered on the stage with a dance performance on her famous song ‘Chhamak-Chhamak DJ pe Nagore Nache re’.

Haryana – Rajasthan ki Shakira

Salman introduced her to the audience and said, Our Next contestant is a fabulous live performer, and millions of people come from very far places to watch her shows. She is originally from Rajasthan but her shows are mostly organised in Haryana.

After she came, She requested Salman to dance with her. Salman Khan also danced on the same song with her. Gori Nagori was too excited and delighted to have a dance with Salman Khan.

Salman said you are looking very good to me. She treanslated that in Rajashtani. Both had some fun on the stage, and she went inside the Bigg Boss house in Bigg Boss 16 Premiere 1st October 2022 Full Episode.

Gori Nagori he is a dancer just like ex contestants and Haryanvi Dancer Sapna Chaudhary.

Bigg Boss 16 1st October 2022 Full Episode – MC stan rapper as Contestant

Bigg Boss 16 1st October 2022 Full Episode - MC stan rapper as Contestant
Bigg Boss 16 1st October 2022 Full Episode – MC stan rapper as Contestant

So, Rapper MC stan entered in Bigg Boss 16 Premiere 1st October 2022 Full Episode. MC stan was dressed in his rapper style like junkie look. MC stan entered by singing his rap song ‘Basti ka hasti’.

He told Salman that his real name is Altaf and celebrity anem is ‘MC Stan’ . Salman acked what is MC stan. He said it means ‘Adha Shaitan and Adha Insan’. Salman said I thought something else.

MC stan told salman that he is also called Basti ka Hasti.

What is P town of MC Stan ?

Salman Khan asked MC stan what is this P-town term of yours. MC stan told him that it is Pune. He is actually from Pune. And showed him to how to do it in actions. It is just finger like stuff of Yo-Yo Honey Singh.

Salman Khan also said that I have hosted 12 Seasons of Bigg Boss, but I have never seen any contestant of this type. You are some extraordinarily different kind of contestant.

Bigg Boss scolded Nimrat on first day

Bigg Boss called her in the confession room and said I gave you to assign duties to the contestants who will enter the house. But, You were seen consulting them in assign duties. So, Keep in mind that you don make this mistake again.

Shalin Bhanot in Bigg Boss 16 1st October 2022 Episode

Shalin gave entry dance performance on song “EYY Bidda ye tera adda” song. After that, His video was shown in which he was saying, that he is bad in sports, and others. He said I will do, if one asks me to do something, very calmly. In Bigg Boss 16 1st October 2022 Full Episode, He also said I want to be next superstar like Salman Khan and I want to host this show.

Talking with Salman Khan, Shalin said I am a very simple person from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. There are many rumours about me from my last show. Because I had done a powerful negative role in that TV Serial. So, people think about me the same.

Soundarya Sharma and Shiv Thakre in Bigg Boss 16

Soundarya and Shiv Thakre gave their dance perfromances on stage. Shiv thakre is Bigg Boss Marathi season 2 winner. Soundarya Sharma was previously a dentist and currently she is an actress doing TV roles.

Salman asked Shiv to give her some tips. Shiv said Sir, I left giving advice in his previous Bigg Boss season. Salman asked what type of game she will play. Shiv said she will try to use players for her business.

Both were assigned duties and beds in the house. Soundarya questioned who chose her bed and why. She was told that Nimrat has been assigned to do so by Bigg Boss.

Sumbul Toqueer Khan in Bigg Boss 16 1st October Full Episode

Most famous contestant of Bigg Boss 16 Sumbul Toqueer Khan entered on stage with her lovely dance performance in Bigg Boss 16 1 October 2022 Full Episode. She is so loved by her fans. Sumbul Toqueer Khan gave a dance performance on song ‘ Haye chaka chak hai tu‘.

She was wearing white saree and looked stunning in it. Salman Khan also welcomed her and had a chat with her. After that she entered inside the Bigg Boss 16 house to join other contestants of the Bigg Boss 16

Salman asked her name and she replied, Chulbul and Sumbul . Salman said you are very confident. How will you play in the house. She replied sir, I am afraid of you because you scold everyone in the house.

Salman Khan said, No I am very sweet. She said When you are angry, you act like this.

Sumbul acting as Salman

She showed Salman’s angry, tired and sweet version. Salman also praised her acting and said, People used to do my mimicry but this is one of the real mimicry of mine.

Sumbul is eperienced. She said I have experienced many things in life struggles, problems, etc. She told her father has taught her everything and also about Bigg Boss. So, She said when I told my father, I am doing my Bigg Boss 16. Her father wrote her a poem for her to be successful in Bigg Boss 16 house.

Her poem was read aloud and her father also came on stage. Salman said your teachings are great, and I don’t think I will have to scold you. But, if this happens think it for as good.

Salman said your energy is very good, please keep it like that in Bigg Boss 16 house.

Archana was making fun of Sumbul’s name

When Sumbul entered inside Bigg Boss 16 house and told her name. Archana and Shiv were making fun of her name. She also made fun of Abdu’s size and asked him to stay in sight.

Manya Singh – Miss India Runner-up

Salman welcomed her and asked about how he became Miss India. She told about her struggles. She told that due to her skin tone she did not got work for two years. Manya said people told me that Miss India is nothing. After that, She said I did not give up and still working for it.

Salman asked if her father still drives Rickshaw. She replied, yes, her father never left it, and he drives in Mumbai. We were from Deoria, Uttar Pradesh.

She also trained Salman how to di ramp walk and express happi

Unexpected! MC Stan and A Kid Abdu in Bigg Boss 16 as Contestants with others

MC Stan and Abdu Rozik in Bigg Boss 16 as Contestants with others

MC Stan and Abdu Rozik in Bigg Boss 16 as Contestants
MC Stan and Abdu Rozik in Bigg Boss 16 as Contestants

Bigg Boss 16 starts with two very surprising contestants in the Bigg Boss 16 house. First one is a kid from Tajakhistan who is entering Bigg Boss 16 house. His name is Abdu Rozik from Tajakistan. He is very famous and loves India, also sings Indian songs. Abdu has recently worked along with Salman Khan in Salman’s movie “Kisi ka Bhai Kisi ki Jaan”.

Bigg Boss 16 premiere was hosted by Salman Khan along with Gauhar khan. gauhar Khan was a co host. Salman had a chat with Bigg Boss. Abdu Rozik came of stage and talked with Salman Khan. Salman introduced him to the audience. Later, MC stan video was also released where he is chatting with Bigg Boss.

Abdu Rozik first Contestant of Bigg Boss 16

Abdu Rozik first Contestant of Bigg Boss 16
Abdu Rozik first Contestant of Bigg Boss 16

He seems to be a kid, but he is 19 years old boy and very famous too. Abdu Rozik is from Tajikistan and usually lives in UAE. Salman Khan had taken him in his film Kisi ka Bhai kisi ki Jaan. So, Yes you guys will see Abdu Rozik in Bigg Boss 16 as well as in the Salman Khan’s movie.

Abdu Rozik is more famous than we can assume. He has met with even bigger sports celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo.

MC Stan Rapper from India

MC Stan  Rapper in bigg boss 16 live
MC Stan Rapper from India

MC stan is an underdog rapper from India along with 1.8million followers in Inston Instagramagram. Surely, These followers are going to rise now as he is entering Bigg Boss 16. He became famous from youtube videos where he releases his own rap songs. He is ultimately famous for his dissing tracks on Mumbai based rappers, Emiway Bantai and Divine. You woukd have also seen 80000 shoes ad, that rapper in the video is MC stan itself.

Big Names Opting out of Bigg Boss 16

Shivin Narang, Surbhi Jyoti, Fahmaan Khan and two others are thinking to opt out from Bigg Boss 16 due to image issues. As a TV serial celebrity, there are image issues among TV serial actors. That happens due to when a TV Serial actor enters in Bigg Boss as a contestant. Their image is affected forever, audience always seem them as a Bigg Boss contestant and how they played in it. What was their personality, either negative fighting, or dumb or seet and funny, they are forever attached with it. Audience of Bigg Boss and TV serials is almost same. So, When the contestants do some TV Serial after Bigg Boss, their image of Bigg Boss follows them. And, Audience is not able to perceive them in the role which the actors are doing. Instead, They think of them as a Bigg Boss contestant, because the audience now knows the character. Main reason you can say is character mismatch happens after Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss 16 – 4 Days to go Contestants Faces revealed

So, Bigg Boss 16 premiere is going to kick-start in 4 days from now. Bigg Boss 16 Contestants faces revealed like Gautam Vig, Nimrat Kaur Ahluwalia(Chhoti Sardaarni), Munawar Faruqui and Kainaat Arora from grand Masti movie are coming in Bigg Boss 16 as contestant. Contestants list of Bigg Boss 16 has been published. 3-4 trailers of Salman Khan has also been released as Bigg Boss 16’s promo. Salman Khan says this season will be diffferent thant others because Bigg Boss will play himself in the 16th season. So, We’ll see what a good player Bigg Boss is.

Contestants faces revealed with Mystery Videos

Bigg Boss 16 - 4 Days to go Contestants Faces revealed
Bigg Boss 16 – 4 Days to go Contestants Faces revealed

For creating the hype, Bigg Boss has released mystery videos of some contestants with their faces covered . But We are here to tell you who are those contestants and along with that, we have published full list of contestants. So, You can watch the full list of contestant who are entering inside Bigg Boss 16 house.

These Contestants were asked some questions about them. And they answered the questions with covered face.

Talks with Gautam Vig – Face Revealed

Gautam Vig face revealed Bigg Boss 16
Gautam Vig face revealed Bigg Boss 16

So, Gautam appeared in the video with face covered like this. And, Bigg Boss asked him some questions about him. W

First question – The place where you have been raised?
Gautam answered – Actually, I was bron and raised up in Delhi and after that I went to Canada for 10 years. And after that I came to Mumbai. So, That is my journey.

Second question – Things people should know about You?
Answer – I look like a foriegner but I am very Desi.

Third Question – Have you ever been part of any reality show?
Answer – Actually, I have never done any reality shows, but yes I have done some fictional shows. I was busy in other projects, that is why i never got the luck for it. In my last project I realised to be part of Bigg Boss and also got the opportunity. So, I am here.

Last Question – Which is you favourite Bollywood song?
Answer – I am very fond of Emraan Hashmi Songs. So, I like most of his songs.

Kainaat Arora Face Revealed

Kainaat arora face revealed Bigg Boss 16
Kainaat arora face revealed Bigg Boss 16

In another promo video of Bigg Boss 16, Kainaat Arora’s face was revealed. She was behind the covering but, It was very easy to recognize Kainaat Arora. She was also asked some questions by the Bigg Boss.

First Questions – What is the unique Quality you have compared to other Contestants?
She answered – She said my expertise is in sensation.

Second Question – Who is your all-time favourite Contestant?
Answer – I am my own favorite. So, I think myself.

Third Question – What is that thing you can not live without?
Answer – Green Chilli

Last question – What will you do to please the audience?
Answer – Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment.

Nimrat Kaur Ahluwalia Face Revealed

Nimrat Kaur Ahluwalia Face Revealed  Bigg Boss 16 Contestant
Nimrat Kaur Ahluwalia Face Revealed Bigg Boss 16 Contestant

She was not asked some random questions by Bigg Boss. It was just a promo of her declaring to be part of Bigg Boss 16 Contestant.

In the video she is seen, and Bigg Boss asks her a question. We have heard that you never lose any argument?

She answers – Being the most lovely Bahu of India. I am also a lawyer, and How can I lose with this combination?

then Bigg Boss says. So 1st date is final. But, This time it will be my Court, my Accusations and I will be the judge too.

These Celebrities will be seen in Bigg Boss 16

WorldfWorld famousamous Reality show Bigg Boss 16 is about to start from 1st October. Most of the Contestants who will enter in 1st week of Bigg Boss 16 are confirmed, and the rest will be finalized throughout the season. Bigg Boss fans are excited to know the names of the contestants entering inside Bigg Boss 16 house. Some celebrities were much awaited to enter in Bigg Boss in different season. These much awaited celbs will enter inside the Bigg Boss 16 show.

Celebrities will be seen in Bigg Boss 16
Celebrities will be seen in Bigg Boss 16

The names of the celebs who will participate in Bigg Boss are Tina Dutta, Shalin Bhanot, Munawar Faruqi, Prakrati Mishra, Manya Singh, Kanika Mann, etc. Three other ex contestants of Bigg Boss will enter Bigg Boss 16.

Tina Dutta

tina dutta Bigg Boss 16 contestant - Bigg Boss 16 Live
Tina dutta Bigg Boss 16 contestant

The Rumours and probability of Tina Dutta participating in Bigg Boss were increasing season by season. Now, In this season the demand of Bigg Boss fans is now being filled. Tina Dutta who is famous for her role in TV Serial Uttaran was loved by colors tv fans. Now, She has been finalised for Bigg Boss 16 to enter as a contestant. Two years ago her friend Rashmi Desai had entered inside Bigg Boss but failed to light up the show. It will be very interesting to see her in Bigg Boss 16 and if Rashmi Desai also enters for even a week. Then a rift or friendship could be seen between past co actors and friends.

Shalin Bhanot

Shalin Bhanot Bigg Boss 16 contestant - Bigg Boss 16 Live
Shalin Bhanot Bigg Boss 16 contestant

Actor Shalin Bhanot is also a very well-known face in Indian TV Industry. You will be amazed to know that Shalin was a participant of MTV Roadies back then in 2004. He is commonly known for his role as Keshav in “NAGIN” TV serial. He has also performed some roles in “Ram-Siya ke Luvkush”, “Laal Ishq”, “Surya Putra Karna”, “Dil Mil Gaye”. Dil mil gaye was a very famous TV Show. Karan singh grover was also a part of Dil Mil gaye TV serial. Shalin Bhanot has done some very good work in acting.

Prakruti Mishra

prakruti mishra Bigg Boss 16 contestant - Bigg Boss 16 Live
prakruti mishra Bigg Boss 16 contestant

She is famous for her role in AND TV’s “Laal Ishq” and also as a participant of Ace of Space. Ace of space is a show similar to Bigg Boss that became quite famous. That’s how she became this famous to reach the grand reality show Bigg Boss 16. Prakruti has also got a role in web series named “Class of 2020”. Apart from this, Prakruti plays role of dancer and actress in YouTube videos.

Miss India Runner-up Manya Singh

miss india runner up Manya Singh Bigg Boss 16 contestant - Bigg Boss 16 Live
Manya Singh

Manya Singh is a model, and just like other actresses who had started as a model and now want to pursue career in TV or film industry. She is also trying her luck in Film and TV industry. But, No place is better than Bigg Boss for a breakthrough, especially for a struggling artist. It is true she failed to win Miss India 2020, but she won hearts when people came to know her story. Her father is an auto-rickshaw driver and by working hard for herself she had reached that milestone. Everyone was proud of her, and now she is making it by entering inside Bigg Boss 16 house.

Jannat Zubair

jannat zubair rahmani Bigg Boss 16 live
Jannat Zubair Rahmani

Two years ago, Jannat Zubair was the part of Rohit Shetty’s reality show “Khatro ke Khiladi season 12”. Most of the Indian Bigg Boss fans think that Jannat Zubair became famous from TikTok only. But, It is not completely true. She had done some good roles in TV Shows like – “Meri Awaaz, Meri Pehchaan hai”, “TU Ashiqui”, “Apke aa Jane se”. Also, she was an underdog until TikTok came. She got millions of followers on TikTok and then on Instagram, more than many bigger Bollywood India celebrities.

There are many other contestants too, but their documentation formality is not completed yet. So, They can not be assumed on board at the moment.

The Best Bigg Boss Season – Sidharth vs Asim, Friends turned Foe
Bigg Boss 16 live - The Best Bigg Boss Season Sidharth vs Asim
The Best Bigg Boss Season Sidharth vs Asim

Bigg Boss season 13 was the best season of all time known for Sidharth vs Asim, and it will remain “best ever” for a long period of time. All over the world people got connected emotionally with their favourite contestants. Bigg Boss 13 will be forever known by the names of Sidharth Shukla, Asim Riaz, and Shehnaaz Gill. Since day 1 this season was full on entertaining.

It will be remembered for the most famous friendship of Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz which turned into rivalry. Sidharth Shukla’s funny lovely relation with Shehnaaz, melodrama fight of Sidharth vs Rashmi Desai. Asim vs Shefali, Paras, Sidharth and others.

Sidharth, Asim , Shehnaaz the face of Bigg Boss

Sidharth Shukla

The King who Conquered, ruled and left, Sidharth Shukla is called “The King of Bigg Boss” by many of the Bigg Boss fans. Sidharth Shukla was all over everywhere in the show. Sidharth was a package of entertainment, his fights, jokes and especially one-liners.

Sidharth Shukla was first seen in TV Serial “Balika Vadhu”. He played the role of a collector husband of Pratyusha Banerjee(Anandi). Unfortunately, both of the lead actors of Balika Vadhu are no more with us.

After Balika Vadhu, Sidhartha Shukla played as lead role in “Dil se Dil tak”. He was in lead role with lead actress Rashmi Desai. Conflict that gone so wrong in Bigg boss was started in this Dil se Dil Tak colors TV Show. Sidharth also had done Khatron ke Khiladi and Jhalak Dikhlaja(winner).

Asim Riaz

Asim Riaz was nobody and came from nowhere when he entered inside the Bigg Boss. Later, In the Bigg Boss he became the people’s choice and got worldwide fame. Even John Cena had posted his picture on Instagram.

Asim came from Kashmir and then came to Mumbai to be a model. In between he also went to South Africa where he used to do boxing, and then he came to Mumbai, India for modelling. Then, Miracle happened in his life and he was selected for Bigg Boss as a commoner.

Shehnaaz Gill

Similarly, Nobody knew Shehnaaz Gill before Bigg Boss. Shehnaaz Gill was a singer and her video song Veham was just released on YouTube before she entered inside Bigg Boss house. As she entered on stage and talked with Salman Khan, most of the viewers turned into her fans, Salman Khan too.

Shehnaaz gill was pure entertainer, while everyone was busy in fights. Shehnaaz was the only one who entertained the audience with funny and innocent side of hers. When she came on stage with Salman, Salman asked is it is correct that she is called “Katrina of Punjab“. Later, She became the queen of Bigg Boss. She was a little bit off too, especially when it’s about Sidharth Shukla.

Love Triangle, Enemy, friends living together

All Contestants entered individually in the starting of the season. Sidharth and Rashmi Desai seem friends in the starting but they had some issues. Paras and Asim already had a ruffle on the stage on 1st day.

Asim and Mahira had some fun on the stage as they both were from Kashmir. Both considered each other as sister brother.

Rashmi Desai and Devoleena were friends with each other and started playing together.

Paras Chhabra, Mahira Sharma, and Shehnaaz Gill Love Triangle

In the starting Paras Chhabra approached Shehnaaz to form a love angle for the show. He was also trying on Mahira for love angle in real. So, Both Mahira and Shehnaaz were attracted to Paras and were friends with him. But, Paras ditched Shehnaaz as he got closer to Mahira Sharma.

Then Shehnaaz was hurt a lot, and then she became friends with Sidharth and Asim who were friends already.

Best Friends Sidharth, Asim, vs Paras, Rashmi, Devoleena

Vibes were matching between Sidharth and Asim in the starting and both of them became friends, or we can say they were like brothers. Asim was always there for Sidharth when Sidharth’s fight happened with Paras, Rashmi, Mahira, Devoleena and others during task. Once, Salman had praised Asim for controlling Sidharth during fight.

Audience’s Favourite Sidharth – Asim

Asim and Sidharth became the favourites of the Bigg Boss fans. Everyone wanted to see them together in the show. They both were very natural and straight forward, no cheating, no planning and plotting. This is the reason people started loving them.

Bigg Boss priemere to Finals

Clay Task Sidharth Shukla vs Paras, Mahira, Rashmi, Devoleena

Bigg Boss had given hpusemates a task to decorate a statue on wooden boxes. Everyone was making statues with clay. Sidharth Shukla had warned everyone if anyone touches or tries to destroy his statue. Then, He will not let anyone to make theirs and will destroy everyone’s statue.

Then he left for a moment and went inside the house. When he came back, he saw his statue was destroyed. Then he started turning upside down the boxes of others. This turned into a big fight against Paras, Mahira, Rashmi, Devoleena, etc.

In anger, Sidharth was so close to hit a contestant, then Asim Riaz holded back Sidharth shukla from hitting them. Later, He was praised by Salman for holding Sidharth back.

1,2,3.4… Best Dialogue of Sidharth Shukla

In between a season, One day Discussion was going on between housemates in the living area. Rashmi Desai said something about Sidharth. Sidharth Shukla got infuriated with it and said the most famous dialogue of Bigg Boss history,”1,2,3,4..12 I have not come here for you guys, go to. ” He had also included Asim Riaz in this besides they were friends at that time.