Lance Reddick Death – Star Actor of The Wire, John Wick Dead at Age of 60 Years
Lance Reddick
(60 )Death

Person 1: Hey, did you hear about Lance Reddick?

Person 2: No, what happened?

Person 1: He died. He was a long-time character actor best known for his roles on The Wire and the John Wick franchise.

Person 2: Oh no, that’s terrible. How old was he?

Person 1: He was 60. He was found dead at his home in Los Angeles Friday morning, according to his rep Mia Hansen. Hansen said Reddick died from natural causes.

Person 2: That’s so sad. I can’t believe it. Wasn’t he in the middle of a press tour for John Wick: Chapter 4?

Person 1: Yeah, he was. It’s a shock to movie fans because he was still very active in his career.

Person 2: He was such a great actor. I loved him in The Wire. He played steely Baltimore police lieutenant Cedric Daniels so well.

Person 1: Yeah, he was fantastic in that role. And he also appeared in the “John Wick” series of films opposite Keanu Reeves.

Person 2: That’s right. He played Charon, a concierge at a New York hotel who worked alongside Reeves’ hitman.

Person 1: Exactly. And his death has really hit the film industry hard. Reeves and “John Wick” director Chad Stahelski told Variety they were mourning the loss of the cast member.

Person 2: It’s always sad when someone passes away, but Lance Reddick was a true talent. He made his mark on the world and will be missed dearly.

Person 1: Agreed. And it’s not just his fans who are grieving. Fellow “The Wire” star Wendell Pierce paid tribute on Twitter to “a man of great strength and grace. The epitome of class.”

Person 2: That’s a lovely tribute. It’s clear that Reddick was respected and loved by many.

Person 1: Absolutely. HBO’s corporate account also wrote Reddick was “held in the highest regard by all who knew and worked with him and we are proud to be part of his legacy.”

Person 2: It sounds like he had a really positive impact on everyone he worked with.

Person 1: Yes, and he is survived by his wife Stephanie and children Yvonne and Christopher. Our thoughts go out to them and anyone who knew and loved Lance Reddick during this difficult time.