Bigg boss 16 4th October 2022 Full Episode

Bigg boss 16 4th October 2022 Full Episode

Bigg boss 16 4th October 2022 Full Episode
Live Bigg boss 16 4th October 2022 Full Episode

Live Bigg boss 16 4th October 2022 Full Episode – Morning hooter plays and contestants gather in garden. All of them recite Bigg Boss anthem.

Housemates deciding what to cook. Soundarya suggests Upama for everyone. Archana again uses a derogatory word for Abdu.

Abdu is so cute he is entertaining all the contestants. Abdu was also doing gym in the morning.

Bigg Boss to Nimrat

Bigg Boss called Nimrat and asked if she is having problem about house works with Priyanka. Priyanka is interfering in every work of yours. So, replace Priyanka with one of the three workers in the house.

Nimrat chose Priyanka replacing Manya. So, Now Priyanka will do Manya’s duty, which Bigg Boss had assigned to three contestants as punishment.

Bigg Boss assigned Sajid to held a stand up show

Sajid Khan says some sher on Ankit. Ankit and priyanka are not couple

About Sajid says some sher on Abdu’s cuteness

About Priyanka – He says some sher on Priyanka’s interfereing habit

About Sumbul – She is the youngest sometimes she is dumbest and sometimes smartest

About Shiv – Bigg Boss marathi winner, roasted during dinner lastnight

About Archana – ye yaha ayi hai jhagde ka karne set trend.

About Shalin – You said you are a bhai of para, but mjhe kyu nominate kiya why why why hai .

Contestants Reaction on his show

Priyanka, Soundarya, Tina,Manya, MC stan, Sumbul, Sreejita, Nimrat, Gauri, Shiv gave thumbs up to Sajid’s performance.

Abdu said you brought superb happiness in the house. I liked it very much.

Shalin remarked that you said nomination grudge is over, but you still mentioned it here.

Priyanka – I thought some lines were showing your personal frustration towards.

Ration limited in Bigg Boss 16

After Sajid’s performances, Bigg Boss banned all the kitchen items except Salt, Sugar, etc. Now, Every room’s ration will be divided and limited. They will use it accordingly.

Sajid will decide how the ration will be divided between them. Sajid said is this a prize or a punishment.

Sajid vs Shalin fight

Sajid asked you nominated me yesterday and today you gave me thumbs down. What are you doing?
Shalin asked few minutes to explain his points. Shalin said I did not like your joke about me.

Bigg Boss exposed Shalin as Sreejita and Gautam rebels

Chicken was given to the Shalin’s room as Shalin is required to take protien daily. . Sreejita, and Gautam were being rebellion about this and discussing it to shalin. Shalin mislead them about his requirement and told them lies.

Bigg Boss called all the three in the confession room. Bigg Boss said Shalin needs 200gm chicken intake per day. But Bigg Boss has sent 3.5kg chicken in the house. And, Bigg Boss has also sent cottage cheese, curd , etc. It will satisfy Shalin’s protien intake. It can also be given to others as well.