Bigg Boss 17 25 december 2023 Episode Munawar vs Mannara fight

Munawar vs Manara fight happened when Mannara was taunting and bitching about Munawar loudly to Vicky Jain.

Mannara said I have lost the girl Mannara who had entered inside this house. I have become a beggar of a kind in this house.

Munawar heard this and said this not classy talk.

Mannara said no, this is trashy and gave a chilling laugh ha ha ha.

Ayesha said, in the game you are moving forward by the help of two contestants.

Mannara taunted back to Ayesha, You should have come next year just like Munnawar’s other outside friend( girlfriend Nazilla) will come.

Munnawar got angry and angrily asked which outside friend are you talking about. In anger Munawar broke a glass placed there.

He warned Mannara to not bring Nazilla in this matter. Mannara said of course I will and which is truth according to me