Bigg Boss 17 Isha Malviya Confesses Relationship with Samarth Jurel, Abhishek Kumar cries down

This has happened till now in matter of Isha Malviya’s relationship controversy with Abhishek Kumar and Samarth Jurel

1. Bigg boss called  Abhi Isha in theatre room and called Samarth jurel and exposed Isha-Samart are girlfriend boyfriend.
#Bigg_Boss asked Isha, between Samarth and Abhishek  whom she wants to keep her in room. She chose Abhishek.

2. Samarth claimed they are in relationship, Isha malviya denied that they are in relationshio and said Samarth is just friend.

3. Samarth got shocked as Isha denied their 1 year relationship.

4. Abhishek cried a lot as he saw Isha is lying and she has moved on into a new relationsjip.

5 . Everyone asked isha is Samarth her boyfriend or not. But she denied to all.

6. Isha says she was not ready to disclose her relationship with samarth suddenly.

7. Now in the Morning , Isha is trying to console Samarth and accepted that he is her boyfriend and she is back in relationship with Samarth Not Abhishek

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