Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Full Episode
Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Full Episode

In Today’s Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Full Episode is Reel Battle Task is organised, and Killi Paul will give special appearance. Abdu and MC stan will compete against each other in making reels. Shalin and Sumbul are becoming friends with each other.

Sumbul and Shalin are becoming friends
Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Full Episode

Soundarya Sharma was cooking breakfast in kitchen and Shalin was sitting there talking to her. She was making chirla or something for Shalin. So, she asked Shalin to bring Onion, Besan and Green chilli from Room no 2. Shalin went to Sumbul and took her to room no 2 for picking these basic food items. It seems Shalin just needed a moment with Sumbul.

Gautam vig flirting with Soundarya
Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Episode

Now, Shalin, Sumbul, Gautam are sitting in front of Soundarya Sharma who is cooking breakfast. The rest of contestants are busy in shooting of a task. Shalin says Soundarya likes lean ment. Gautam says I will go more lean for you. After that, Shalin says, if you become inspector the rest of the village will plead guilty to be arrested by you. Gautam says if you are inspector I will be the thief. Actually, Soundarya was looking hot in the kitchen.

Gautam was saying many flattering lines for Soundarya. Gautam says Shalin you will do her Kanyadaan. He said i can stop myself from looking at her.

Abdu and Shiv vs MC Stan and Sumbul Task

Bigg Boss had assigned Abdu and MC stan to make reels. Shiv was manager of Abdu and Sumbul was manager of Abdu.

Archana, Gautam, Shalin, Sajid, Soundarya, Nimrat supported MC stan. These contestants made reel with MC Stan.

Other Contestants chose Abdu and made reels with him.

Today’s Episode is updating above

Sidharth Shehnaaz love special. Asim, Rashmi, Vishal together rising as a group and playing their game smartly. Mahira fights against Asim , Vishal and Rashmi in nomination task. Sidharth and Shehnaaz confessed their love almost. Shehnaaz had feelings for Paras and she confessed it but the way she loves Sidharth but as a friend. Loving someone does not mean that it should be your gf/bf it could be loving someone as a friend may be more than your boyfriend or girlfriend even.
But all of these facts are seemingly wrong after today’s episode because they both said things like they are in love with each other.

1 ) Big Fight on lunch as Mahira delays lunch and making lunch on dinner time.
2 ) Paras being jerk targets Vishaal and manipulates mahira, Sidharth and Captain Shehnaaz to make a rule of 2 Parathas for everyone. This was specailly to target Vishal .
3 ) Vishal questions Mahira for this sudden change in lunch meal.
4 ) Vishal refuses to wash utensils and Big fight between Mahira and Rashmi Desai.
5 ) Shehnaaz and Madhurima tuli together teased Vishal . It was must entertaing and fun part of the today’s

Mahira vs Rashmi Big Fight on making lunch late.
Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Full Episode

So, from past two days housemates are having lunch at dinner time . In other words, Housemates are having lunch and dinner at same time because Mahira is making lunch late. In Morning, Shehnaaz as captain told everyone that let us have breakfast in the morning. Lunch and dinner will be cooked at the same time .

Rashmi questioned Shehnaaz that this new thing Lunch and Dinner at the same time has only occured in Shehnaaz’s captaincy. We all have been adusting from three days. So, Mahira who was sitting nearby said, “except yesterday when lunch has not been ready on time ?. I also cooked breakfast that day which was Arhaan’s duty.”
Furthermore, Mahira said , You guys always keep crying lunch is late , lunch is late, lunch is late..So what happened ?
Vishal said , If lunch is not on time or delayed then it will be called so that lunch is delayed.

Mahira started shouting and started the fight.

As Mahira started shouting on Rashmi and Vishal. Rashmi said you always try to get away from your duties . Neither you are comfortable in making breakfast nor your lunch is ready on time. Mahira said you lubber or idle I am not. Furthermore, Mahira said all of you guys bark like dogs for footage. Rashmi said What type of th language is this? Is someone misbehaving to you ?
Further Rashmi said I have a problem with that because I do not get food on time. This fight went on for long Asim tried to calm down Mahira who was so much angry. Mahira said She is calling me lubber or idle. Furthermore, Mahira added , She used to cook 5-5 rotis that too by asking everone that is someone will eat or not. On the other hand I make 3-4 rotis as everyone demanded.

After the Fight – Paras manipulated Shehnaaz & Mahira to cook 2 rotis for everyone.

So, After the fight Paras the jerk manipulated Shehnaaz , Sidharth and Mahira against Vishal that Vishal eats 4 parathas. Paraas asked Shehnaaz as she is captain to not let cook Mahira more than 2 Parathaas for everyone. We have flourished nourished him too much and even after that we are getting abusive language . So let us make him suffer now. As Paras wanted that happened . After that, Vishal came to get his breakfast and he came to know that there are only two Paratha’s for him. Vishal asked Mahira that why it happened. Paras who was sitting next to Mahira said I have no involvement in it. Which was a lie we all know how much Paras is jealous of other group.

Vishal asked Mahira why this idea suddenly crossed your mind . Mahira said, This is a simple thing that everyone will do their duty simply and perfectly. She gave the reason because I get no appreciation even after doing my duties. Vishal said now this is like a intentional fight. Mahira said I do not want to be a work goddess.

Vishal refused to dishwash- Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Full Episode

Vishal has two three duties like helper in kitchen cut vegetables , Dishwash etc. So, Vishal refused to dishwash duty that he will not wash plates of anyone . Furthermore he said, eat your own cooked food and wash your own plates.
Arti I do not know what to say about her as she interferes in every matter.
Arti said you have to wash utensils because it is your duty. Vishal said if shehnaaz can modify new rules in baking parathaas the she can ask everyone to wash their own plates.

Sidharth who is now being biased since he joined Paras group. Sidharth said Vishal that you are crying because of 4 parathaas . You are looking so stupid.
Vishal said I am not crying , I am hurt. Shehnaaz requested Vishal to please do you duty. Visjal replied that he will not do it whatever happens he does not care.

Shehnaaz Madhurima teasing Vishal
Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Full Episode

Vishal and Madhurima are not in good terms from yesterday because of their fight. So , In the evening Shehnaaz and Madhurima started teasing Vishal . Everyone was nearby kitchen and Vishal was cooking something . Shehnaaz hugged Madhurima and asked how is she. Madhurima answered I am good and asked her the same question. It was all fun that Shehnaaz & Madhurima was doing with each other.
Shehnaaz to Madhurima– You left Vishal Aditya singh ?
Madhurima – No , it is just okay Nowadays What else can I say ?
Everyone Sidharth , Paras , Shefali zariwala and Arti was laughing sitting nearby.
Shehnaaz – He uses clip( hairband ) yet ?
Madhurima– Yeah! Yeah! It’s his style. He can not let go his style easily.
Furthermore, Shehnaaz asked If any ghost collided to Madhurima.
Madhurima– No not yet.

Teasing went on Shehnaaz & Madhurima had too much fun.

Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Full Episode
Shehnaaz to Madhurima
– What do you say to Vishal ghost! Ghost!. Vishal himself is a big ghost. Furthermore, Shehnaaz said Let go this boyfriend because boys like Vishal bus one goes second arrives.
Madhurima- Yeah you are right.
Shehnaaz– What Vishal was saying to you that he is not worth enough to take your abusive language. His activities are worthy of abusive words . On the other hand Vishal questions on being abused .
It was all fun everybody was laughing.

Shehnaaz went to Vishal now

So, Shehnaaz was kidding and went to Vishal who was making tea. Shennaaz asked Vishaal to give tea to Madhurima too as ghost or monkey. You did not get So why are you barking ( Vishal took U-turn to shouting as it was uttered in mistake because of Shehnnaaz and Madhurima’s fun) .
Shehnaaz to Vishal you tell everyone that Madhurima abuses that is why you do not like her. But you himself use barking barking type words. Vishal Where I used it , See I corrected it immediately and took U- turn.
Shehnaaz said on behalf of Madhurima boys like 36 comes and 36 goes. It was amazing too see the all fun Shehnaaz , Madhurima and Vishal had.

Nominations – Who will nominate whom ?
Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Full Episode

So , Today’s Nomination will be performed in a interesting and different way. Everyone has to choose two names for nominations . They have to nominate them by using stamp pad and give a thumb impression on their faces.

Firstly, Asim nominated Shefali zariwala for interfering yesterday when he was talking to Sidharth. Secondly, He nominated Mahira for refusing to cook food that cause reshhufling of duties of others and inconvinience to everyone.
Vishal Nominated Mahira too because she is nothing in the house and zero too without Paras .
Rashmi also nominated Mahira for running away from duties.

Madhurima, Bagga , Zariwala other targets.

So, Another target was Shefali bagga from Sidharth and Paras’s side.
Paras nominated Shefali bagga because she has no fight of her own but she interferes in someone else’s fights.Paras advised her to pack her bags. Shefali bagga said Someday you will also evict.
Sidharth also nominated Shefali bagga becuase she interferes in matters of others. She gives her point of view where there is no need.
Shefali zariwala nominated Madhurima because Madhurima is creating so much problems in house duties.
Rashmi nominated Shefali zariwala because she in not trustworthy and Mahira.

Shehnaaz Sidharth are in love ?

Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Full Episode
Shehnaaz and Sidharth Shukla were sitting in garden area
. So, Shehnaaz was aasking Sidharth about the time when Sidharth felt attatchment with her.
Sidharth was in fun mood he replied never. Furthermore , Shehnaaz asked Which girl you like most in the house. Sidharth replied no one. Shehnaaz requested Sidharth to take her name .

So, This time Sidharth asked Shehnaaz if you are allowed to choose one male in the house who will be yours completely , Whom will you choose?
Shehnaaz replied you( Sidharth )
Furthermore, Arti got there too and Arti asked Sidharth, Will you go to Mohali specially to meet Shehnaaz ?
Sidharth replied that Shehnaaz will come to bombay to meet him.
After that, Arti asked Sidharth that you are tough to be pleased when you are angry . So how Shehnaaz will manage to please you ?
Sidharth further said I like Shehnaaz kaur gill.
Arti asked Sidharth about the way he loves her ?
Sidharth replied as a friend.
Shehnaaz struck him with a pillow.