Bigg Boss 16 2nd February 2023 Full Episode

In Bigg Boss 16 2nd February 2023 Full Episode Archana Guatam takes revenge against Mandali especially Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia in task, MC stan got emotional by shalin;s remark on mc stan being less deserving as winner than Shiv Thakare. Shi consoles MC stan. Nimrit plays her move, talking about sumbul being angry all the time.

Archana played task too much passionately that Bigg Boss had to intervene.

Latest news is that Karan Johar is hosting this weekend ka vaar episode and he has announced that this week one contestant will be evicted 100%.

Archana’s revenge in task

Nimrit was the one who was most aggressive with Archana and Priyanka in the task yesterday. So, Archana had warned them to be prepared for their turn in the task.

She was preparing items to be used in the task since last night when everyone was sleeping.

Archana used turmeric and all other items she could have used. She played task so furiously that Nimrit started crying and started begging. Bigg Boss had to intervene in the task and stopped that task. Bigg Boss had neer stopped this task in all seasons but Archana was alone too much for them.

Stan hurt by Shalin’s remark

Stan and Shalin were talking. MC Stan had started the talk about himself and shiv. Shalin compared stan and shiv. he said shiv deserves more to be the winner as compared to stan.

MC stan got hurt by this remark and started crying.

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