Bigg Boss 16 23rd October 2022 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 16 23rd October 2022 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 16 23rd October 2022 Full Episode
Bigg Boss 16 23rd October 2022 Full Episode

In Bigg Boss 16 23rd October 2022 Full Episode housemates target Priyanka Chahar in task, They splashed water on her to clear her of conscience, Shiv targets Shalin for shalin being fake. Shiv’s argument happened with Shalin fter the task. Priyanka Ankit dance with each other. Karan Johar bashes Gautam Vig for creating fake relationship with Soundarya, Karan exposed Gautam. He told Gautam that your relations seems fake because you tell everyone in the house that Soundarya is a free spirit.

Shalin is acting, thinks Shiv
Bigg Boss 16 23rd October 2022 Full Episode

Argument happened between Shalin and Shiv after Karan johar went offscreen in yesterday’s Episode. Shiv was asking why Shalin did not say clear points and behave like a sheep in the herd. He did not spit facts. An argument had happened between both of them in which Shaliin had said ki teri charbi mai hi nikalunga.

Today, In Bigg Boss 16 23rd October 2022 Full Episode Shiv was doing the task to wash out the bad intentions from contestants by splashing water on them.

Shiv took Shalin’s name and said I am unable to understand Shalin’s thought process that’s why I don’t know whether he is acting or not. Nobody can trust Shalin in the house.

Shiv vs Shalin Fight
Bigg Boss 16 23rd October 2022 Episode

Shalin was angry after the task and went to Shiv. Shalin said Previously you had said that,” teri charbi mai hi nikalunga”. Now, You are calling me fake and all. So, Listen when you threaten me with statments like charbi nikalunga, remember that Shalin will hit back then.

Shiv said I will teach you lesson, and I am also expert in it (“mai to teri charbi utarunga hi aur mujhe aata bhi hai achhe se charbi utarna”)

Shalin came back like a hero with a smile on his face. Shiv said I will remove this smile on your face as well as your attitude.

Karan Johar Exposes Gautam-Soundarya Relationship

Today in Bigg Boss 16 23rd October Episode, Karan Johar took the matter of Gautam and Soundarya’s unclear relationship. Bigg Boss fans don’t know their feelings for each other in real. Whether they want to be in a relationship or they are already in a relationship.

So, Karan Johar said Gautam and Soundarya, your relationship is fraud. It’s fake. Gautam is responsible for this. You go to every corner and say that Soundarya is a free spirit.

Gautam replied,”I have never used this word.

Karan,”Of course you have. It’s on the record. “

Gautam – I never use this word.

Karan – I would take this as an insult if I was Soundarya.

After karan Johar went off Gautam and Soundarya seemed stressed.

Karan Johar exposing Gautam Soundarya’s relationship Video


Shiv Thakre fight with Shalin after the task Video Bigg Boss 16

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