Anupama 29th December 2022 Full Episode

In Anupama 29 December 2022 Full Episode school function ends and everyone started praising Anupama and Chpti anu. They said it is very important to take part in the competition and you guys have done it.

Anupama 29 December 2022 Full Episode
Anupama 29 December 2022 Full Episode

Anu’s daughter said yes mummy you guys are real winners. Chhoti anu said if we were real winners the trophy would have been with us. pakhi’s husband said you guys neither won nor lose in positive way. Also said, you both are rockstars.

Someone asked Anupama why you got late. Anupama failed to answer she said pari, baa and could not explain.

Anuj asked them to let us go. They were in car Anupama was scared because Anuj is angry.

bapu ji blaming baa for anupma's delay in Anupama 29 December 2022 Full Episode
bapu ji blaming baa for anupma’s delay in Anupama 29 December 2022 Full Episode

Other family except Anuj’s reached home first. Baa asked If they won or not. Bapu ji asked Baa if it she was behinfd all this what happened delaying and all. Toshu also came and asked how was the function because there was meeting and I failed to reach there. Bapu ji told everyone that Anupama was too late to reach there.

Bapu ji asking Baa if she got delayed Anupama. Baa asked has ANupama tild this to you guys. Bapu ji refused and said I know you because you have done similar things in past. In the house you and Anupama were the one ones. Anupama got delayed and chhoti Anu could not participate in the competition.

Everybody comes home after the choti anu’s school functions ends. Here Anuj gave ice cream to Anupama and Chhoti Anu.

anuj confronting anupama

Anuj said If I will say something, It will hurt you. Anupama asked Anuj to say something, it will be better than your silence. Anupama was feeling very sorry, Anuj said however it was not your intentionally but got delayed. He said its your problem that cooking khichri for baa is more important for you than your daughter’s function. You can’t refuse baa for these things.

anuj anupama talking to each other anupama 29th december 2022 episode
anuj anupama talking to each other anupama 29th december 2022 episode

Anuj was bit angry with Anupama. He said to Anupama to never beg again in front of anyone like you begged tonight in front of judges.

Anuj says I was feeling very bad when you were begging and choti anu was also sad. Anupama tries to give anuj Ice cream to pamper him but Anuj taunts Anupama and asked Anupama to take care of those things which are in her hand otherwise they will get slipped off her hand just like this ice cream.

As they entered inside the house, Baa was standing in front of them. Baa sent Choti anu inside the room. Then, She came and said I am not responsible for whatever happened. She said Anuj thinks bad of me. And He will think more wrong of me.

baa started confronting anupama
baa started confronting anupama

Anupama and Anuj were asking baa to not talk tonight because they are in a bad mood.

But Baa did not listen. She said nothing happened because of me, all of you guys came from the function and started blaming me for whatever happened. Anupama has also blamed me but let me tell you I did not stop Anupama from coming.

She was in hurry and table’s corner hurt her and pari’s condition got worse. So, she stopped herself, I did not. Anupama asked Baa to not talk these things tonight, we will talk tomorrow. Baa refused and said I will not be able to sleep. Your father(sasur) came and started confronting me and blamed me and others too even it was not my fault.

And even If Anupama got delayed nothing big has gone wrong, it was just an ordinary function not a Olympics sport.

Anuj gets angry and said loudly Yes its a damn big deal.