Bigg Boss 16 – 4 Days to go Contestants Faces revealed

So, Bigg Boss 16 premiere is going to kick-start in 4 days from now. Bigg Boss 16 Contestants faces revealed like Gautam Vig, Nimrat Kaur Ahluwalia(Chhoti Sardaarni), Munawar Faruqui and Kainaat Arora from grand Masti movie are coming in Bigg Boss 16 as contestant. Contestants list of Bigg Boss 16 has been published. 3-4 trailers of Salman Khan has also been released as Bigg Boss 16’s promo. Salman Khan says this season will be diffferent thant others because Bigg Boss will play himself in the 16th season. So, We’ll see what a good player Bigg Boss is.

Contestants faces revealed with Mystery Videos

Bigg Boss 16 - 4 Days to go Contestants Faces revealed
Bigg Boss 16 – 4 Days to go Contestants Faces revealed

For creating the hype, Bigg Boss has released mystery videos of some contestants with their faces covered . But We are here to tell you who are those contestants and along with that, we have published full list of contestants. So, You can watch the full list of contestant who are entering inside Bigg Boss 16 house.

These Contestants were asked some questions about them. And they answered the questions with covered face.

Talks with Gautam Vig – Face Revealed

Gautam Vig face revealed Bigg Boss 16
Gautam Vig face revealed Bigg Boss 16

So, Gautam appeared in the video with face covered like this. And, Bigg Boss asked him some questions about him. W

First question – The place where you have been raised?
Gautam answered – Actually, I was bron and raised up in Delhi and after that I went to Canada for 10 years. And after that I came to Mumbai. So, That is my journey.

Second question – Things people should know about You?
Answer – I look like a foriegner but I am very Desi.

Third Question – Have you ever been part of any reality show?
Answer – Actually, I have never done any reality shows, but yes I have done some fictional shows. I was busy in other projects, that is why i never got the luck for it. In my last project I realised to be part of Bigg Boss and also got the opportunity. So, I am here.

Last Question – Which is you favourite Bollywood song?
Answer – I am very fond of Emraan Hashmi Songs. So, I like most of his songs.

Kainaat Arora Face Revealed

Kainaat arora face revealed Bigg Boss 16
Kainaat arora face revealed Bigg Boss 16

In another promo video of Bigg Boss 16, Kainaat Arora’s face was revealed. She was behind the covering but, It was very easy to recognize Kainaat Arora. She was also asked some questions by the Bigg Boss.

First Questions – What is the unique Quality you have compared to other Contestants?
She answered – She said my expertise is in sensation.

Second Question – Who is your all-time favourite Contestant?
Answer – I am my own favorite. So, I think myself.

Third Question – What is that thing you can not live without?
Answer – Green Chilli

Last question – What will you do to please the audience?
Answer – Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment.

Nimrat Kaur Ahluwalia Face Revealed

Nimrat Kaur Ahluwalia Face Revealed  Bigg Boss 16 Contestant
Nimrat Kaur Ahluwalia Face Revealed Bigg Boss 16 Contestant

She was not asked some random questions by Bigg Boss. It was just a promo of her declaring to be part of Bigg Boss 16 Contestant.

In the video she is seen, and Bigg Boss asks her a question. We have heard that you never lose any argument?

She answers – Being the most lovely Bahu of India. I am also a lawyer, and How can I lose with this combination?

then Bigg Boss says. So 1st date is final. But, This time it will be my Court, my Accusations and I will be the judge too.