Pawan Khera’s Statement on PM Modi – Arrested & kicked out of Airplane – BJP’s Surgical Strike on Congress

Pawan Khera is famous Congress leader and recently he had made a comment on prime minister Modi and his father in a press conference. He got arrested from flight in capital city delhi which made a big headlines

Pawan Khera's comment on Modi - Arrested & kicked out of Airplane - BJP's Surgical Strike on Congress
Pawan Khera’s comment on Modi – Arrested & kicked out of Airplane – BJP’s Surgical Strike on Congress

What happened ?

  • Pawan Khera Made comment on Modi and his father
  • Case filed against him in Assam.
  • Assam Police requests Delhi Police to arrest Pawan Khera who was sitting in a plane and going to attend congress annual meeting
  • Got removed from airplane by Delhi police and arrested in Delhi Airport .
  • Congress workers started protest against it on the runway
  • Supreme court grants interim bail to Pawan Khera.

Pawan Khera was going to attend congress meeting from Delhi Airport. He was sitting on Indigo airlines flight with some other congress leaders and workers.

In Assam a case was filed against Pawan Khera on his joke statement about Modi and his father. Assam police had came to Arrest Pawan Khera and they requested Delhi Police for this as this is not their area of jurisdiction.

Delhi Police went to Delhi Airport where Pawan Khera was just about to fly away in Indigo airlines. But Before that could have happened, Delhi Police arrested Pawan Khera in the flight and removed him from the flight.

It was a blunder becuase removing an arresting someone from a flight and that too a big political leader is not a small thing. Other Congress workers got angry and started protesting there on the runway.

Later, Supreme Court granted him interim bail and he got released. But this added another Surgical Strike of Bjp on Congress out of many.

What he said about Modi and his father ?

Pawan Khera was talking about Narendra modi in the press conference and he tried to take full name of prime minister narendra modi. But, He forgot and fumbled by taking name of his father which is “Damodardas Modi”.

Khera jokingly said Damodardas or Gautamdas Modi referring to full name of PM Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi.

The point is PM’s father died a long ago and he should be sincere when taking name of our country’s PM and his late father.